Stellar Blade Studio's Next Game Reportedly AAA Action RPG Titled Project Witches

Shift Up is reportedly considering a Stellar Blade sequel and PC port while also working on a new AAA action RPG called Project Witches.


Stellar Blade Recent Update Has Resulted In Graphics & Balanced Mode Visuals Looking Blurry

The recent update for Stellar Blade has resulted in its Graphics and Balanced Mode visuals looking blurry.

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jznrpg1d 3h ago

I am playing it in balanced mode and didn’t notice a change at all. Almost done


See the Two New Costumes Added in the Latest Stellar Blade Update

Stellar Blade update 1.004 has added two brand new costumes in the game and made small changes to the way haircuts are applied.

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Hugodastrevas3d ago

They keep adding more and more free stuff, great!

GhostMirror3d ago

Definitely! Keep up the good work, Shift Up.

GhostMirror3d ago

I'm so glad they made it so that you can change your haircut from the equipment screen with this update. I was really hoping for that.

Hugodastrevas2d ago

Yeah, it was kind of a pain to always having to go back to Xion to change it, makes much more sense now

Charlieboy3333d ago

Love this game. Played through it 3 times already with Eve at max level now.


Stellar Blade Gets Big PS Plus Premium Game Trial

PS Plus Premium subscribers can play a big chunk of Stellar Blade for free right now. The game already has a demo on the PS Store.

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jznrpg8d ago

Playing it now! The game is pretty big. I like that there is a lot of hidden stuff. It is a lot like Nier Automata more than I thought. But this game has some verticality to it. Recommended