Hades 2's First Patch Shows Why I Love Supergiant So Much

Supergiant has released the first early access patch, and it's already changing things for the better.

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Chocoburger32d ago

Who needs clothing when you have hair? 😅

Chocoburger30d ago

Nope, but I was thinking about her when I typed that.


Hades II already feels pretty complete - Entertainium

There’s so much to do and there’s still more to come. It may still be in active development, but it already feels pretty complete in a lot of ways.

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Hades 2 Players Offer Honest First Impressions of the New Patch

The players' first impressions of the new patch for early access Hades 2 are in! Fans share what you should try on your next run.


Hades II - Early Access Patch 2 Notes - Steam News

Among the improvements in this patch, look for many new UI icons as well as weapon-related balance changes aimed at enhancing core combat and related choices.

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