Xbox Games Showcase 2024: 5 predictions for what we will see

The upcoming Xbox Games Showcase should be full of exciting announcements. Here is what John Hansen from GameSandwich thinks we will see.

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Lightning7733d ago

Percentages time

Gears 6: 95% very high chance it'll get announced. It'll be in engine trailer but no deep gameplay.

State Of Decay 3: 60% fair chance development was said to be rough development but now is going very smooth recently according to Jez Cordin. It's a fairly good chance they could show it off but don't be surprised if it no shows... Again...

Blade: 20% very small chance. It's still a few years away and they probably don't want to show it off this early.

Fable: 80% High chance. I believe we'll see another trailer from Fable with a 2025 release.

Perfect Dark: 80% High Chance: apparently they wanted to be shown off last year but Matt Booty blocked them. Development was going badly for a while but according to New report it's smoother now. Yeah high chance and it's time to show something.

Avowed 100% chance guaranteed. Gameplay released date and all.

Indiana Jones 100% chance guaranteed. New trailer gameplay and release date.

Stalker 2 100% chance guaranteed. New trailer Day one on gamepass.

Contraband: 70% good chance. The game is said to be up and running with lots of play tests. Confident they'll show gameplay. If not it's vaporware 1000%

South Of Midnight: 80% High chance. There was a rumor it was releasing this year I'm actually expecting gameplay actually.

Clockwork Revolution: 50%. Maybe if it's a 2025 release then yeah they'll show off a new trailer. If not then it's a no show this time.

ABK gamepass stuff:100% New cod of course. Retro games crossing my fingers for remastered Tenchu games but I highly doubt it. One can hope I guess. These aren't all the games I missed some but wanted to hit the main stuff everyone's been waiting on.

Crows9032d ago

That's actually somewhat an exciting lineup. They can't all be so average right?

ThinkThink32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

My predictions for the June showcase: South of Midnight, Everwild, Gears 6, Gears Collection, Avowed, Perfect Dark, Project Mara, Towerborne, Starfield: Shattered Space DLC, Doom, Fable, State of Decay 3, Kilin, 1-2 titles that we didn't see coming. They might also announce the digital series x, the new controller/elite S3, and the new handheld if those rumors are true. Afterwards at the COD showcase, they will probably announce that all of the COD games are now included within Gamepass.

Gamescom will probably just be more of the same. I could see Summer gamefest having a few new trailers for Stalker 2, Flight Sim 2024 or Clockwork Revolution, but saving Indiana Jones, Contraband and Forza Horizon 6 for the game awards at the end of the year.

Lightning7732d ago

Not too bad but I don't think Project Mara will be shown or released. IMO I think they're gonna cancel it big time.

purple10132d ago

Project: Mara

'will be a real-world and grounded representation of mental terror. Based on real lived experience accounts and in-depth research, ...'

1, sounds a tad similar to hellblade,( + its also from ninja theory)
2, they announced it 2020, they had 4 years, it took them 7 years for hellblade, and thats only 8 hours long.

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Hofstaderman32d ago

Remember, every screen is a XBOX. Every console too...

DafunkyRebel31d ago

MS is in a tight spot with all the bad games lately, they need a major win here. I'm a Sony fanboy my entire life but I did get an Xbox One just to play the Gears and Halo games and ended up loving those. I don't care if Xbox goes away but I do care about those IPs and I really don't want Sony to get uppity and start dipping in quality and become profit first over the gamers, if they end up becoming a monopoly.


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