Death Stranding 2 Is Roughly A Year From Release, English Voice Acting & Motion Capture Complete

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Kojima Productions' action game, Death Stranding 2: On The Beach, is roughly a year away from release.

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Hugodastrevas25d ago

Very excited for this one, really enjoyed the 1st.

Aloymetal24d ago

Can't wait either! I really hope Kojima doesn't split the map like he did in the 1st one, one giant map is way better, but besides that I can't wait to see what he's able to do with the Decima Engine this time around.

anast24d ago

I agree about the map. I just played a bit of it again the other day and I love the world. Heartman is one of my all time favorite characters.

CDbiggen24d ago

Probably the only game I'm excited for


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GotGame81894d ago

Death Straining is an absolutely beautiful game. I just didn't like the gameplay.

DarXyde93d ago

I really enjoyed the original.
What's great about Kojima is that he consistently learns how to improve upon his prior work. People really only disagree on the narrative quality between titles, but in terms of gameplay? Kohima is an absolute beast at one-upping himself. If we look at Metal Gear Solid, it's really hard to dispute V has the best gameplay, but the worst narrative (in my opinion). Generally, your favorite MGS game comes down to balance between narrative and gameplay—objective and subjective elements. Death Stranding was something new and the gameplay was really his first crack at it. I have great faith that we're going to get that thoughtful introspection that leads to magic.

So even if you didn't like the gameplay of the first, I think you'll be warmer on the sequel. Will it be enough? Everyone's different, but this one seems to be more offensive.