What Went Wrong With The Division Heartland?

How did the mysterious free-to-play extraction shooter go from a promising spin-off of The Division to dead in the water?

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GOW: E-Day to Have a “New Feel” & “Feel Fresh, But Will Be Gears; Will Tell Chainsaw Lancer’s Story

The Coalition says Gears of War: E-Day will "feel fresh" but will retain its kickass Gears feel. Expect the Chainsaw Lancer creation story too.

Lightning771d 1h ago

It's suppose to be a linear experience and not open world. I guess what's old is new again.

Good news It's rumored the game could release next year even before Fable.

I personally think it's 2026 title still but we'll see I guess. Good for Gears fans nonetheless.

Jin_Sakai1d 1h ago

Glad it’s back to a linear experience. Enough open world games as it is. Going to be great.

chicken_in_the_corn12h ago

What makes you think it's coming in 2026?

Lightning772h ago

For one GTA releases in Late 2025. Fable is said to be late 2025 anything and everything needs to get out of the way of GTA, it'll be scorched Earth for every game release. Also MS doesn't exactly have a good track record on making dates they set. They could delay it to make sure they get everything out of the game. Even in late stages a game can still get delayed nothing guaranteed.

neutralgamer199255m ago


I agree if GTA6 is next holiday season we will see publishers clear out of the way for weeks if not months after. No one wants to go against GTA6. No big games will release few weeks before and absolutely no big games will release for atleast 6-8 weeks after GTA6 comes out

But I still say GTA6 is a 2026 title. Every R* game gets delayed so why would this be any different especially given how there is no crunch or anything

senorfartcushion7m ago(Edited 6m ago)

This sounds like the "nostalgic but made by the type of people who don't have a clue" style of game.

The Lancer is a weapon, it's not something that needs an f***ing origin story. They're acting like it's Batman or something.


10 Xbox Exclusives That Deserve a PlayStation Release

There are a ton of great Xbox exclusives that would thrive if released on the PlayStation. So, here are ten titles that should make the leap.

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purple1014h ago

Seuna and starfield on that list

2 games PlayStation we’re going to have, had ms not brought them

On a second note, why would ps fans want these 7/10 games when they’re used to 9/10’s

Lightning772h ago

Hellblade 2 has a similar score as the first one.

purple1011h ago

you raise a very fair point

let me open up a new view some have thought but perhaps not said.

when seuna was on Ps, it was viewed as a small indie game, nothing that would tip any scales, but a welcome edition all the same. Everyone knew it was a small 'art' game.

when seuna was on xbox, its hailed as a big exclusive for that year, a major release.

Lightning771h ago

I would say initially until they revealed its only 8 hours long this year. NT wanted that high production indy feel still. That's on NT. They could of done a 50 hour game but decided not to.

PrinceOfAnger1h ago

You know Stellar blade was first announced as project EVE for Xbox/PC right?
sony made it exclusive.
also sony made many third party games exclusive on Ps1 Ps2, there was no xbox till 2002/1.. but it's a problem when microsoft make exclusives?.

purple1011h ago(Edited 1h ago)

its a problem when sony does it too,

that said they are known to support the studios with their traveling support teams, they have like 4 or so, a motion capture team, an art team, and 2 others, Xdev is one who go round putting out fires when stuffs not working, they have an engine team too to help optimise stuff, remember reading an article about this, literally 4-5 years ago, there is no way Microsoft can provide this level of support, although they are huge and have top programmers, they simply haven't been in the AAA development space enough to mobile/travelling support teams, who are specialists in game design.

not that I know anything about this at all, just I read a lot,.

Also project Eve was initially announced for PS4 and Xbox one!!, but got into a bit of development trouble, I believe,. here is the trailer https://www.youtube.com/wat...

truthBombs4h ago

and Xbox deserves God of War, Returnal, Uncharted... Yeah I know it sounds silly right?

A simple horizon lego games literally skipped Xbox. MS can do whatever they want with their IPs that's fine.

Nothing is deserved. Be consistent with the stupid articles.

darthv722h ago

SSOD seems plausible, since IG owns the IP. They wanted to make SSOD2 but MS wasnt interested and then Sony bought them. So, Sony should have let them do that one before sidling them with SM games. And Psychonauts 2 is on PS... its not an exclusive. QB2 is something Id love to see Remedy bring to fruition like they did AW2. It just took longer than expected.

Abnor_Mal1h ago

I believe I read somewhere that Microsoft actually holds the publishing rights to the IP, which makes the game stuck in limbo.

IG wanted to own the rights to the game, Sony wanted the rights also if they were going to publish. Since Sony wasn’t willing to let them keep the rights to the game Insomniac went to Xbox who agreed that they could keep the IP, but only if Xbox has the publishing rights which would include any sequels.

Thr deal was struck, the game was made, but sales were low and MS weren’t interested in a sequel. Sony ended up buying Insomniac and now own the IP like they originally intended, but MS owns the publishing rights. So until Sony and MS can come to some kind of agreement on a sequel that would appear on both platforms and they share the profits, there will never be anything else to come from SSOD.

darthv721h ago

I knew Ms had the publishing rights for the first game of SSOD as well as QB... but the sequels werent contractual. So publishing went back to the IP holder which would be IG and Remedy respectively. Same goes for Crytek and Ryse. All of which are able to make sequels under different publishers. And given that IG was tasked with SM before being bought by Sony.... Sony could very well publish SSOD2 if they let IG make it.

As for Remedy, they likely can get Epic to publish both QB2 and Control 2 if they decide to develop them. Not sure what Crytek is up to though... they still have a friendly relationship with MS but they have been self publishing their Crysis remasters lately.

Lightning772h ago

"deserved" is a bit strange. "Want to see on PS" I get that but deserved sounds like major entitlement.

Julion07152h ago

Xbox have no games, Xbox games sucks but on their knees for a port when will it make sense?

Lightning772h ago

I remember back in 2019 and 2020 on Twitter they said Xbox wasn't doing nothing with those studios. Just sitting on them, not developing nothing. Thinking these games take a year to make or something.


Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves Preview – Revved Up and Ready | TechRaptor

TechRaptor writes, "Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves is the first Fatal Fury game from SNK in over two decades. We got to play an early version of it, and it's definitely worth getting excited about."

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