Assassin’s Creed Shadows Tops Amazon Japan’s PS5 Best Sellers List

On Amazon stores across the globe, Assassin's Creed Shadows is rapidly climbing the best-sellers chart. It is currently the best-selling PS5 game on Amazon Japan, Amazon UK, and Amazon Germany. on Amazon France, it sits at #2, and on Amazon US, at #6.

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Obscure_Observer31d ago


Actual japanese gamers doesn´t seem to bother with all the controversy surrounding a black samurai as protagonist or history accuracy.

Shadows pre orders are pretty strong on US PS Store too.

S2Killinit31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I still feel their grievance. Their history is filled with Ninja/Shinobi characters, and yet when a game is made about it, the main character had to be of a different race altogether. The Japanese would wonder why the main protagonist couldnt be Japanese, like did we not have sufficient history of our own? Its cultural appropriation for sure, and I would Have been ok with it if we were offered at least one Japanese male shinobi to play as well, not a foreigner and a Kunoichi.

It definitely rubs me the wrong way, but I still want to play it.

TheColbertinator31d ago

I'm sure the Japanese gamers are upset about not being able to play as Japanese people in a Samurai era game. It is not like they have

Total War Shogun
Rise of the Ronin
Way of the Samurai
Yakuza Ishin/Kenzan
Sengoku Basara
Samurai Shodown
Ghost of Tsushima
For Honor
Shadow Tactics
Nobunaga's Ambition

Apart from all those games I'm sure they feel very deprived


S2Killinit31d ago

Im not saying they demand that every game set in their country be played by Japanese. But you can understand why they would be at least slightly disappointed that a game that portrays itself in the context of actual historical events would choose a foreigner to showcase Japanese heritage. A Samurai of all things at that.

If you’re talking point is that they have plenty to represent them already, I would agree, but its not like cultural appropriation is limited to this either.

Eonjay31d ago

Clearly they are fine. If they don't have a grievance, don't try to force one on them. That's beyond disingenuous. This was always about your own grievance and not theirs. What's up with people on the internet deciding how other people should feel?

Cacabunga31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Only stupid people are caring about what others are supposed to believe and follow and what not.. a game is a game, this kind of controversy is stupid..

It’s a much bigger problem for me that an always online game is on top of the charts..

Christopher31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

***I still feel their grievance. Their history is filled with Ninja/Shinobi characters, and yet when a game is made about it, the main character had to be of a different race altogether.***

There isn't one main character, there are two. The only people upset are people who apparently can't see Naoe and only Yasuke.

Edit: What's funny is she's literally shown on this submission as the story image. But, no, only Yasuke.

Redemption-6431d ago

More like you own grievance. The Japanese made Nioh, where you played as a white guy

Kaze8830d ago

@TheColbertinator lets see how many of those are semi realistic big open world games that where not released over 5+ years ago. Yeah basically Rise of the Ronin and Ghost of Tsushima left on the list...wow, big list :D

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Eonjay31d ago


Finally, an agreeable comment. Welcome back.

thorstein31d ago

Right? I couldn't figure out why there were so many downvotes for such a great comment and then saw the username.

I upvoted but c'mon people... "broken clocks and all that..."

REDDURT31d ago

It just sjw being sjw but still hating anything that is black.

SeTTriP31d ago

Only yt people and their yt washed D riders care.one of the biggest selling points of noiah was it had a yt protagonist.they didn't care then but now they care and you wonder why.

InUrFoxHole31d ago

It's the same people who swear they're the opposite of "woke" that are being just that, lol. We have truly come full circle.

ElaBosak30d ago

He's a real historical person. Why the controversy exactly? Americans are so weird when it comes to race.

Kaze8830d ago

Never before was the main character or one of the characters been some real person from history. Also they always where native to the country where the games where set except this and black flag (welsh pirate in carribean, most pirates where european). They even had said in interviews that they felt that people could not get into the Japanese culture if both characters where Japanese. Funny how it was not a problem on other AC's.

thorstein30d ago


Keep repeating that lie.

Eivor Varnsdottir was a real shieldmaiden.

You were silent when the character could be played as a man.

Shove your faux outrage, liar.

WelkinCole30d ago

I don't get it. Is the girl not Japansese? Makes me wonder if people are just angry because there is a black man in it

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ZeekQuattro31d ago

Japanese gamers are excited for the game. Turns out most of the hate is from people that aren't Japanese. Yasuke is in both Nioh games as well as Samurai Warriors 5. No one was outraged. There's also an Anime about him as well. He's popular there which is why he keeps popping up in entertainment media.

The best part of this fake outrage is he leaked last year as being one of two playable characters but because of his name most people probably assumed he was Japanese and not the historical figure Yasuke that hailed from Africa. 🤣

CantThinkOfAUsername31d ago

Racists over on DSOgaming knew and repeated the fact that he was black and the game is woke long before its announcement.

-Foxtrot31d ago

Funny considering the comments on all their Japan social media pages and the dislike ratios across all their Japan accounts on YouTube.

Eonjay31d ago

Please don't take what you see on social media to be indicative of the real world. Negativity is magnified quite substantially in places where the loudest people want to block out the voices of everyone else (and people who aren't mad aren't loud), even if they are in the minority.

Redemption-6431d ago

Most of those are not even Japanese people. Take a second to look at their YouTube videos and you will find a depressing number of foreigns pretending to be Japanese. Just use the Google Translate below the text and watch the copium

-Foxtrot31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Well I mean it’s in Japanese so unless they’ve all and I mean all done some Google translate trickery then it’s a little hard to believe

The comments that are posted that aren’t from Japanese people are in English. Hard to believe someone would go through all that trouble when there’s already English speaking comments on there, most would just join in.

Redemption-6431d ago

How is it hard to believe when you can literally use Google Translate and it even tell you, I am from Taiwan, Mexico, America and more in Japanese

ElaBosak30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Why do you think the western online circlejerk represent Japan?

MrBaskerville30d ago

Freedom of speech is important, unless you want a black character in your story. That is not allowed, says the anti-woke police.