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Review - It feels a bit rough around the edges, but if you are after a new survival horror, you’ll be intrigued by THE ORIGIN: Blind Maid.

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WTMG's Leo Faria: "The Origin: Blind Maid is further proof that having great ideas for a game is just 50% of what makes it a banger. If you can’t deliver on your vision, all you’ll have to offer is a disappoint game that will reek of “what could have been”. The ideas are there, the ambition is laudable, but the execution left much to be desired."

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The first-person horror game “THE ORIGIN: Blind Maid” is now available for the PS4

"The Madrid-based (Spain) indie games publisher Badland Publishing and San Antonio-based (Paraguay) indie games developer Waraní Studios, today announced with great thrill and delight that their first-person horror game “THE ORIGIN: Blind Maid”, is now finally available for the PS4 via PSN." - Jonas Ek, TGG.

CantThinkOfAUsername709d ago

What a great trailer! The cinematography. The smooth transitions. The focus on showing gameplay, artstyle, environment and enemy design, and story as well as a snippet of lore in real in-game footage (no CGI). Truly a masterpiece. Other developers should take note.

gold_drake709d ago

that was pretty great, not gonna lie xD


THE ORIGIN: Blind Maid launches on 22nd July

"In THE ORIGIN: Blind Maid we will embody a real scoundrel, a corrupt politician on the run from justice after being accused of multiple charges. His plan was simple and seemed effective: to cross the Paraguayan Chaco in the company of his assistant to escape to Brazil. What this politician, the incarnation of one of the great evils of today, could not have imagined was that there he would encounter a much older and more implacable evil: Blind Maid, a supernatural entity with a tragic past that we will end up discovering over the course of five intense chapters… that is, if we don’t die first."