Helldivers 2’s “second galactic war” begins after this huge failure

The real fight begins for Helldivers 2 players after failing a huge Major Order, as Arrowhead ushers in the next chapter of warfare.

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Palitera35d ago

If only the game wasn't so barebones. Out of the super fun core gameplay, the game is a barren land. They better make much easier "major orders", because the player base has mostly moved on.

34d ago
RaveTears34d ago

I think that A lot of the player was snap out of existence, after 177 regions was forced to go dark.

rippermcrip34d ago

In those regions in which they took the game down... that was only for new purchases. Anyone who already bought it could play just fine.

gold_drake34d ago

im not sure where u get your numbers from, but there are still a massive amount of people playing ha

ironmonkey34d ago

The Walmart shelf stocker giving advice.

Magatsuhi34d ago

Looks like they're struggling to get 100k on steam. A far cry from the 458k peak.

anast34d ago

Games never stay at the peak.

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Bronbron9234d ago

I really hope they expand the war to where our foes get to super earth like in helldivers 1 I’d imagine the game by then would have tons of stratagems and the vehicles by then


It’s important to establish both successes and failures in order to make community engagement feel genuinely impactful, and not just a predetermined outcome on rails.

They obviously have a bunch of content waiting for deployment, and they plan to trickle it out at whatever pace keeps the community at their desired size.

The game is still much, much more popular than they ever planned. And antitank mines feel like small potatoes compared to the vehicles and new enemies we know are down the road.

Buckle up for a long term plan.

gold_drake34d ago

i love how they do this, real consequences etc.


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GamerRN1d 2h ago

Toxic behavior... I haven't encountered it much, but I generally keep to my own lobbies.

Aphrodia1d 2h ago

I'm sorry but it's completely on the developers to make their own games 100% grieve-proof, or as close to it as possible. If you don't want TK-ing then why the hell put that in the game? Just plain stupidity.

jznrpg1d 1h ago

Friendly fire is part of the strategy of the game. I am not sure how they could do it really.

Crows9021h ago

I'm not sure they want to. It's part of the game and for about 99% of the experience there are no issues.

Vits1d 1h ago

In my personal experience, I had a couple of really high-level players join my medium-low-level missions just to try to kill us. Of course, they get kicked as soon as we notice, but I feel they are probably bored with the game and, instead of moving on, they pull this sort of stuff. It is more sad than annoying to be honest.

DustMan21h ago(Edited 21h ago)

This happened to me for the first time last night. I was so caught off guard by it. I wasn't team killing, and I was taking down objectives and gathering damn near ALL the samples. Got booted for absolutely no reason. They should take away the option to boot players when the drop ship gets called in. Or you can't get kicked after a set period of time in game. 5 minutes for the short 12 minute missions, and 15 minutes for the 30 or 40 minute missions. That's apt amount of time to see if you want to keep a player on your crew.

repsahj9h ago

It is alright for me to be honest, as long as the mission is complete. The minus experience is for everybody not just the player who died.


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