XDefiant Console-Only Crossplay Incoming, Option to Disable Crossplay In-Game Prohibited by Xbox

XDefiant will implement console-only crossplay sometime after launch, Microsoft's rules doesn't allow to disable crossplay in-game.

XiNatsuDragnel35d ago

I wish that can change Microsoft step up lol

shinoff218335d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Funny though as Ms wanted nothing to do with crossplay during the 360 when they were beating ps3 early(ps3 was the tortoise that gen).


XiNatsuDragnel35d ago

Facts man it was because they were losing tbh

34d ago
fsfsxii35d ago

Doesnt affect playstation, i always turn-off crossplay, not interested in matching up with the other platforms.

Knightofelemia34d ago

Microsoft being Microsoft again.

X-2334d ago

this should always be a feature for people that play on console especially since they pay for their online infrastructure via PSN or XBL

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