XDefiant Microtransaction and Customization Plans Outlined, Founders Pack Confirmed for Launch Day

Ubisoft has relayed the XDefiant monetization business model,customization options. Players can also expect a Founder's Pack at laujnch.


XDefiant Melee Bug Plaguing Players, Will Be Fixed in Next Patch; Here's a Workaround

The XDefiant melee bug which stops controllers from working will be patched next week, but thankfully, there is a workaround/fix.


XDefiant Weapon Mastery Camos to Require Less Grind Based on Feedback, Devs Owe Up to Mistake

Ubisoft will change XDefiant weapon mastery camos to require less grind thanks to feedback, devs explain the multiple changes.

Psychonaut8554m ago(Edited 53m ago)

Isn’t this the thousandth time they’ve done this? Structure things in an abusive way, people complain, they go “we’re listening” and dial it back to a still abusive level (probably the level that they originally wanted) then act like they deserve an award for responding to feedback. Fuck Ubisoft and all the other big boi shitheads playing us for saps.


XDefiant Progression Changes Incoming, New Grinds That Are "More Challenging" to Be Added

XDefiant progression changes are on the way, with the studio confirming more challenging grinds will be added for players.