VR MOBA 'Mecha Party' Is Now Available On Steam & PSVR 2

Mecha Party brings the VR MOBA to Europe and Asia on PSVR 2 and Steam, while the Quest 3 version targets a summer release.

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Babadook727d ago

This looks pretty good. RIGZ made me queasy but I've got better VR legs now (I think).


Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance Review | Redabble

From a brand new story campaign to quality-of-life improvements and bonus content, Vengeance is the ultimate way to dive into the latest chapter of one of the best modern JRPGs.

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Valve facing £656,000,000 lawsuit over claims Steam is ripping off players

The owner of Steam has been accused of overcharging 14 million PC gamers in the UK and 'shutting out' competition in a new lawsuit.

Dan5021h ago

Overcharging? Have these people never heard of sales?

just_looken20h ago(Edited 20h ago)

"Valve, the owner of Steam, is being sued for £656m over claims it is abusing its dominant market position to overcharge players.

The collective action claim has been filed with the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal by digital rights campaigner Vicki Shotbolt.

In the lawsuit, Shotbolt accuses Valve of ‘shutting out’ competition when it comes to buying PC games and DLC, which has led to 14m people in the UK being overcharged for PC games as a result.

The claim is seeking up to £44 compensation for every UK player who has bought a PC game or add-on content from June 5, 2018."


So they are trying to take the apple/sony/xbox approach were there is only one store without ever using a pc for gaming.

Anyone with a ounce of pc gaming knowledge knows steam did nothing when competition and the launcher war happened but now every publisher that had there own launcher with games only available on that platform are slowing coming back to steam.

This "lawsuit" should be directed to launcher's like rockstar's as they have games only available on there like the gta collection or ubisoft with xdefiant heck epic launcher exclusive games. There is no grounds in which steam has locked down content to there platform except there own games though there are disc versions of those except half life alex.

Pc players still have the best choice on game buying with multiple launcher's and site that offers keys like my fav humble bundle but on the same platform we have the worst drm along with those 3rd part launcher's that need to run in the background.

anast19h ago

How about suing them for the game files that the customer should own?

Goodguy0119h ago

Steam allows 3rd party apps (which I hate) and...we all know that egs is the one that keeps buying exclusivity lol. A lot of devs and consumers rely on steam hence it's very heavy support.

VariantAEC3h ago

Imagine a child safety advocate switching gears and targeting how a business sells games, weird right? I could be wrong, and maybe old blonds in England with the name Vicki Shotbolt are a dime a dozen... but assuming this is the same Vicki Shotbolt of The Parent Zone, her company The Parent Zone partnered with MS in 2014. That's a long time ago I know, but apparently Shotbolt has ties with the UK government.

I'm not saying anything, but MS doesn't let partnerships like that die.

paulust200218h ago

If I get 44 pound from them I'll only be spending it in the steam store...fucking absurd ..one of the most ethical companies out there and largely due to them not being a public offering imo

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Why the gradual death of the console exclusive makes business sense

And why Lego Horizon Adventures is coming to Switch.

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phoenixwing2d ago

Depends really. Like for example I moved onto pc so sony is missing out on the thousands I spend on games where they take a cut in the walled garden while most casuals won't do what I did and they'll make money. So it all depends how many die hard spenders switch to pc or just stay with sony

VariantAEC2d ago

Congrats on graduating to the platform that has the potential for offering the best HW and worst experience with fewer high quality games.

A great decision there, really!

Shiore2u1d 22h ago (Edited 1d 22h ago )

"Worst and fewer", he brazenly says while going through a consistent drought half-way through his branded low frame upscale machine's lifecycle.

Crows901d 15h ago

Ummm....which titles will be miss out on?

jznrpg1d 15h ago

@Shiore2u there is no drought of games. I have so many games to play I can’t keep up. First party has been dry as they released most of them early in the gen but they are coming. Every company has a bit of a dry spell first party wise. Nintendo had a couple years with the Switch, Xbox had many years over the last decade. Sony is going to have some years better than others too.

Shiore2u1d 14h ago (Edited 1d 14h ago )

"First party has been dry as they released most of them early in the gen but they are coming."
So consistent drought until announced games actually come into fruition. Keyword consistent.

VariantAEC3h ago

Are you really going to try and gaslight me (a PC to console convert who still owns a 2017 gaming laptop - which in 2017 was high-end not to be confused with top-tier) into believing PC has the best User Experience? Is Windows 11 the epitome of best user experience for gaming today? Are you being genuine!? Of course not. No one would say that except a fanboy. PC has so many more issues mostly due to radical HW fragmentation which is undeniable and yet still ignored by PC die-hard fanboys.

Every disagree is a feather in my cap. For one PC as I explicitly suggested HAS THE POTENTIAL TO OFFER THE BEST HW. Are you all disagreeing with that? I guess so. Many PC GAMERS will try to build rigs at least as capable as the current generation of home consoles, but most won't as we see from Steam HW Survey the second most popular GPU is the GTX 1650 which is weaker in rasterization performance next to the GTX 1070 in my laptop (not a Max-Q variant - my laptop is chunky and GPU performance much more closely matches unneutered desktop GPU by the same name while the Max-Q variant is noticeably slower). The RTX 3060 is still expensive close to $300 new, and even so it won't run many new games very well especially at launch and at resolutions over 1440p while consuming more electricity to push beyond console quality settings. Add to that the fact that software pricing is the same at launch as on console (including pre-order pricing on Steam). The best benefits of PCs are theoretical, even if you have an unlimited budget.

The UX is much worse. Windows 10 and 11 are not gaming UIs. Start up is sometimes slower than booting a PS5/XSX console (even on the best PCs today), power consumption can be ridiculous (this is less of an issue on laptops; desktops may require up to 2.4 times the energy needs of PS5/XSX depending on PC configuration), K/M is not a great way to play every game and racing games and flying games (personal experience from 90s to present), and Windows is the walled garden which PC gamers exist inside of. While tiny slivers of OSx and Linux (encompassing all distros and GUIs) gamers exist, most are trapped on Windows. Then you also have the limitations of handheld PC gaming machines which like consoles are all mass produced and specifically made for playing videogames. Handheld PCs and laptops also come with the same or very similar restrictions as current-gen consoles as far as upgradablity is concerned.

That last point is why your disagrees don't matter, though I mention them because it helps outline the hypocrisy and idiocy of PC fanboys. The fact is PC HW can be way worse, in the same league, or way better than console hardware. You have potato spec HW like Steam Deck & other handhelds as well as MiniITX and MicroATX formfactor desktops which PC gamers hype up despite their limitations and hefty price tags, all while dissing PS5 and Xbox Series X (and while Switch HW limitations are indefensible its still smaller, cheaper and more convenient than most if not all handheld PCs). This is apparent to anyone with any understanding of HW. PC is just a huge mess. PC gamers likely waste more time tweaking the few games they do play rather than actually enjoying them (I know I did). Console is just better on most fronts especially in terms of pricing even with the added cost of years of subscription services and buying new software at launch for each device will come up about even over a decade's time.

You can lie to yourself and try lying to me, but your power company, bank account, Nvidia, AMD, Intel, basically all the benchmarks on the internet, almosg anyone with any sense as well as myself will just shove these facts back into view.

VariantAEC3h ago(Edited 3h ago)

[@Crows90 - this was the only change in the edit]
GT7, Stellar Blade, Astro Bot, and probably a few others just this year alone. On top of that, depending on what PC HW you, or anyone else who complaining about how wrong I am, might not run this years existing and upcoming 3rd party multiplatform games on their PCs as well as PS5/XSX might run them (including min/max performance and min/max resolutions at console-like visual settings).

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neomahi1d 14h ago

But your one out of millions. You may have jumped, but consoles are still cheaper