The Most-Anticipated PS5 Games Of 2024 And Beyond

PlayStation fans can look forward to classic franchises, original adventures, and much more in 2024.

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Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree’s Rellana is as Epic as the Sword of Night and Flame Should Be

Among the new Remembrance bosses added to Elden Ring through the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, Rellana, Twin Moon Knight stands as a highlight.

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Shadow of the Erdtree’s New Weapon Types Highlight Elden Ring’s Design Improvement from Dark Souls

While the movesets of Elden Ring already elevates it over the Soulsborne series, the new Shadow of the Erdtree weapons push the envelope further.

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Potential Far Cry 7 Leak Reveals Details On Main Cast of Characters

Possible details on the main cast of characters featured in Ubisoft's Far Cry 7 have been revealed via a new leak.

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purple1011h ago

why they put she/here and he/him before everything,

Cacabunga27m ago

because a woman is a she/her and a man is a he/him.. surprised?