New and improved ASUS ROG Ally X battery life is just what it needs to compete with the Steam Deck

Yet another leak for the ASUS ROG Ally X points towards as much as 8 hours of battery, but how does that compare to the competition?

Vits36d ago

Honestly, I really like this updated version. But it doesn't solve the biggest flaw that the original had for me: the Z1 Extreme APU. Yes, it's an extremely powerful part, but it is not part of AMD's Adrenalin driver update program, so it's dependent on Asus for driver updates. And unfortunately, Asus doesn't have a stellar record of support for their devices.

Goodguy0136d ago

Up to 8 hours basically just means the least demanding games. AAA gaming at highest wattage would probably be about 2-3 hours which is good compared to just about 1 hour with the current ally. The OLED Deck can do about 2-3hrs.

mrcatastropheAF33d ago

With much less performance so that makes sense.

The Steamdeck shines at the lower TDP end but gets absolutely mopped at the high end.

Similar longevity with much better performance is a big win for the Ally X

Killa7834d ago

Too bad Asus are all awful company.


They used to be the best when it comes to motherboards, now I will never buy anything from them again.

Firebird36034d ago

8 hrs yea right. Running tetris?

Skuletor34d ago

Only after setting the screen brightness to the lowest level, of course.

Notellin34d ago

They tested the battery life watching a game of Tetris in 360p. Running Tetris natively brought the number down slightly to 1 hour and 38 minutes. 😂

Asuka34d ago

Nope. The only improvements I want to hear is better customer support. Otherwise, I can't be bothered.

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Did they hire vets na this person the esg said so.

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