Foamstars Future Funk Now Available; New Pricing Revealed on DLC

Foamstars latest season, Future Funk, is now available for all players to enjoy. - IS

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Foamstars Choked Hard A Mere 2 Months After Release; What Went Wrong?

With uninspiring gameplay, hollow live service, platform restrictions, and being outclassed by Helldivers 2, Foamstars didn't stand a chance.

RhinoGamer8852d ago

Played Foamstars for about 10 minutes, the presentation made it feel like game made for teenagers. All fluff and no substance.

kythlyn51d ago

The game was just flawed in concept. I don't know anyone that saw the initial trailer and thought they would really want to play it. No idea how they expected to build a large enough player base to sustain it.

Cacabunga51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

I’m actually glad this game flopped hard even as a free game.. sony decided to go gun blazing with gaas since Ryan took over and turned out to be a terrible decision that made them cancel their gaas plans by canning a number of games, which explains the silence from sony at the moment

outsider162451d ago

I tried to get online. Couldnt even connect. Deleted it.


They tried to capture Nintendo and Fortnite players… good luck with that.

Magatsuhi52d ago

The game is alright but releasing a bit before HD2 was not smart.

Snookies1252d ago (Edited 51d ago )

To be fair, it's not like anyone expected Helldivers 2 to be so successful. So that was not something Foamstars could have predicted. I had Helldivers 2 pre-ordered as soon as I was able. I just really loved the first game. But it felt like hardly anyone even knew the franchise existed before the second game actually released.

notachance51d ago

same, I played the 1st helldiver to death with my mates but ultimately it was a niche product and I certainly wasn’t expecting the sequel to be this popular.

ZeekQuattro51d ago

This game was doomed from the start. Square's gaas track record is atrocious. They often times call it quits on these titles within the first year. Hard to get excited knowing that fact. Anyone half way paying attention to this avoided the game like the plague for that very reason.

-Foxtrot51d ago

Square Enix: "Why are we losing money? Why won't gamers buy our games in huge numbers? What's going on?"

Also Square Enix: *Forspoken, Foamstars, Babylon's Fall, mobile shit, makes limited FF Pixel Remaster copies for the PS4*

ziggyzinfirion51d ago

Limited FF Pixel Remaster PS4 physical copies still hurts me.

CantThinkOfAUsername51d ago

They still haven't recovered from Marvel's Avengers.