Capes Interview - Combat, Inspirations, Post-Launch Plans & More

Gameranx had the chance to speak with the Creative Director behind the upcoming hero-based strategy game Capes ahead of its release.

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Review: Capes will please turn-based tactics fans holding out for a hero - Entertainium

Spitfire Interactive deliver a challenging, superheroic take on turn-based tactics.

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CrimsonWing698d ago

I wish Midnight Suns got the attention it deserved. This reminds me of a more budget version of that, but still glad we’re getting games like this.

shinoff21838d ago

I ended up liking it alot more then I thought but that card system truly turned me off of it at release. I think alot of us would be fans of midnight sun's just wanted an xcom game. Even liking midnight sun's after the fact I still would have preferred more of an xcom game. I'm a bit biased though xcom 2 and the series itself is on of my favorites.

CrimsonWing697d ago

X-Com 2 is pretty great, but the card mechanic made sense in Midnight Suns where it was just to balance out the use of super powers so they couldn’t be spammed. It worked for me and I really enjoyed it. I do like X-Com traditional turn-based Strat mechanics as well, which I think this game is doing. I’ll definitely check this one out at some point, but I got my hands full juggling Unicorn Overlord and SMT V Vengeance and I’m a platinum hunter so I got my work cut out for me, lol.


The Capes assemble

An XCOM inspired tactical combat game with superheroes? Capes assembles onto Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC

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shinoff218324d ago

Been looking forward to this one. Bout to check on a physical release.


Capes Review - Strategic Superhero Gaming - The Koalition

Joe LaRue of The Koalition writes: What if you took the world of superheroes in the aspect of the TV show Heroes and mixed it with turn-based strategy tactical games like XCOM, well then you would get a very thought-out game called Capes. Capes is the debut title from Australian-based company Spitfire Interactive with publisher Daedalic Entertainment.

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rbailey24d ago

A fun superhero tactics stylized game worth checking out.

shinoff218324d ago

Rbailey you've played?

It does look pretty cool and I'm glad it doesn't seem to have any thing extra(sorry I'll flat out say it, cards). It was my biggest turn off and why I didn't buy marvels day one.