Ghost of Tsushima's Steam Deck Performance is Fantastic So Far - First Impressions

Ghost of Tsushima has released on Steam, so we take a quick look at how it runs on the Steam Deck, and we are very pleased so far!

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Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut PC Review - A Legend Reborn | The Nerd Stash

TNS: "Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut on PC is one of the best ports we've seen in recent years from one of the best action-adventure games ever."

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Ghost of Tsushima on PC delivers impressive upgrades over PS5

Ghost of Tsushima PC vs PS5, best settings and more in the Digital Foundry tech review.

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VincentVanBro29d ago

Playing this at a locked 175 fps on an OLED ultra wide at max settings is truly awe inspiring. A great way to replay this classic.

Psychonaut8528d ago

Sweet! Glad to see it make the jump. Hopefully the PSN requirement doesn’t put too many people off. I think it’s only if you plan to play the Legends mode. It’s bullshit, but at least you can access the main game without making a PSN profile if that bothers you. I know on PC everyone’s sick of everyone trying to push their own launchers and shit.

Deeeeznuuuts28d ago

It's really not that big of a deal, PC players just love to complain, my friend has quite a few launches and never once complained, really no issues at all 😂😂😂 28514;

Goodguy0128d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Indeed. It's for the trophies and online. I just hope Sony doesn't require ps plus subscription at some point for their online games. PC gamers have dealt with 3rd party launchers forever, just a bunch of silly complaints, nothing different.

just_looken28d ago


Right how dare those 180 countries that had this game listed a month ago but no longer do complain about a forced new regulation that is blocking the sale of the game even in japan.

Then you got the fact many countries need a goverment id to check if your legally a adult.

I have a psn account that is not linked to my steam account as having any form of vpn/antivirus and even something like discord can break there psn TOS. If your psn account gets banned via pc bs then your entire consoles online are bricked as do too them needing real information we all only have one account now.

FinalFantasyFanatic28d ago

I don't mind having a few launchers, just don't make me log into it all the time, it's astounding that some developers still persist with having their own launchers.

just_looken28d ago

Its a greed deal

Alot of them wanted to leave steam so they would not pay that 30% charge but then there overall number of sales dropped opps so now there back but with there launcher as a leach because all these games have attached bullshit like ubi points or capcom rewards/stat tracking even the activation launcher that needs to be a thing for cheaters/stat track i think even trophies to a extent.

Just be glad we do not have a sony launcher as it would no doubt be fighting rockstar for most unsecured worst launcher on pc.

anast28d ago

So we are lovin' PSN now? How fickle the herd is.

Aloymetal28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Some people love to complain but if it wasn't for Sony themselves they wouldn't be playing these amazing 1st party games on their PeeZees.

26d ago
HankHill28d ago

Cry more while your precious plastic box keeps losing exclusives.

anast28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

As long as your not serious, welcome to the party.

This is fun. My turn.

Yeah, all 10 people that can actually afford a decent PC isn't much. This is why they are drip feeding PC gamers because they'll eat up 10 year old games like they're new, and that's all 10 of them. Consoles gamers already wore that shoe, you all are getting leftovers.

Your turn

Number1TailzFan28d ago

@ anast uhh, looks like the video is showing last gen (soon to be 2 gen old) GPUs running it pretty well to me? I mean if you can't keep your PC decently current then that's hardly the devs fault now is it?

Shiore2u28d ago


You really need to stop trying so hard, it's getting downright embarrassing. Brand loyalty is a stupid endeavor, accept it, learn from it and move on.

FinalFantasyFanatic28d ago

A 7-year-old GPU can trade blows with a PS5 in performance, I don't think it's going to be that hard to match/beat the PS5, especially if you look at the second hand market for parts.

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just_looken28d ago

here and most of the internet will never go against sony or play station there like the apple logo.

InUrFoxHole28d ago

I guess the ps5 was holding this game back.


Has Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut PC sales earned around £18 Million in its first week on Steam?

CG writes: The question we’re asking is, has Sucker Punch’s just released stealth-action game Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut on PC earned over £18 million in revenue on release week via the Steam platform alone (also available via the Epic Games Store)?

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thorstein30d ago

"also available via the Epic Games Store"

I'm pretty sure Epic Games Store is available in over 190 countries and 30 territories. So anyone that said that this game was not available in them was just lying.

I'm so shocked by games journalists and fauxragers lying. Really shocked. I do pity them though. I can't imagine going through life with such anger... at everything.

bunt-custardly30d ago

Hehe, you do know how much PC players whine about having multiple store platforms when really all they want is Steam to run a monopoly. Thank ye heavens for Gog and Epic.

Giblet_Head29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

When Steam is one of the very few actually trying with it's feature set it's a hard sell to get people to want something on a storefront that could care less about improving it's service. GoG is another exception, but Epic, which is still missing many features that have been on Steam for years like every other publisher just half-ass it, so they've earned and continue to maintain their poor reception and presumably act confused come every quarterly report for failure to understand the market they're in. Who really wants to invest in something that actively instills little faith?

bunt-custardly29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Interesting answer from co-pilot when asked what are the differences between EGS and Steam.

The Epic Game Store (EGS) and Steam are both digital distribution platforms for PC games, but they have some key differences:

Game Selection: Steam has a larger selection of games, including both indie and AAA titles, and has been established longer, since 20031. EGS, while newer, offers a curated selection of games, including timed exclusives and titles not available on other platforms1.

Revenue Split: EGS offers a more favorable revenue split for developers, taking only a 12% cut compared to Steam’s 20-30%, which can be a big draw for game publishers1.

Free Games: EGS is known for its regular giveaways of free games, which has been a major feature since its launch in December 20181. Steam also offers free games, but less frequently1.

User Interface: Steam provides a more feature-rich experience with user reviews, community discussions, game streaming, and non-gaming software. EGS has a more streamlined interface, focusing on a simpler user experience1.

Social Features: Both platforms offer social features like friends lists and chat functionality, but Steam’s community features are more extensive, including groups, forums, and user profiles1.

Exclusivity: EGS has secured exclusive deals for certain games, making them available only on their platform for a limited time before they can be purchased elsewhere1.

These are some of the main differences that set the two stores apart. Each platform has its own strengths and caters to different preferences and needs.

Co-Pilot forgot to mention: Both offer software, but Steam is very much more in-tune with VR with its Steam VR integration.

Giblet_Head28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I wouldn't take AI as gospel, especially a corporate one that ends most every answer with meaningless neutral ambiguity. You're better off actually talking to humans that use either and have something to lose, be it time, energy or financial investment. Personal experiences AI can't relate to.