Assassin's Creed Has Finally Figured Out How To Do Dual Protagonists

Assassin's Creed Shadows uses Yasuke and Naoe to balance out the two sides of AC gameplay.

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Clippy39d ago

Love how they say it "finally figures it out" when we have no idea how the game will actually play.

Skuletor39d ago

I heard the Samurai doesn't have a hidden blade. I wonder if they have anything similar in their arsenal, stealth wise or they'd be just a brute strength kind of playstyle.

SDuck39d ago

Wait until this gaming journalist hears about AC Syndicate...

Chocoburger38d ago

The last game in the series I bought, before it went down the crapper with all that equipment upgrade and overpowered enemies until after you've grinded for hours to level up. Ugh.

Hugodastrevas39d ago

Haven't played an Assassin's Creed since Revelations, still don't see a reason to go back to the series.

Chocoburger38d ago

AC III offered some (strange) closure to the initial story arc. I also enjoyed it for the most part.

SoloGamer138d ago

and yet, they havent "figured out" how to knock it off with the MTX b,s, 🙄


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MeatyUrologist8d ago

Ubisoft used to be at the top of the open world visuals game, but this seems a bit lacking. I recently replayed Odyssey on ps5 with the 60fps patch and it has held up very well. Honestly looks about the same as this but plays at a smooth 60 fps. Sounds like this can't even hold a steady 30 with average visuals.