XDefiant PC Specs Revealed & Preload Available Now

Today, Ubisoft officially announced the PC specs for XDefiant. In addition, all players can now preload the game starting TODAY!

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An Exciting New XDefiant Game Mode Gets a Release Time

Since the launch of Preseason of XDefiant, the players have unanimously asked for the addition of another game mode, Team Deathmatch. The developers were quiet about it for some time, but Mark Rubin, the Executive Producer, confirmed that TDM was in the works.


XDefiant dev addresses community outrage following “horrible” mastery camo update

Mark Rubin, executive producer for XDefiant, has since gone on X (formerly Twitter) to address the outpouring of complaints.


XDefiant Team Deathmatch Launches June 21, Weapon Mastery Changes Explained

XDefiant Team Deathmatch mode is set to launch this Friday, June 21! The devs explain the weapon mastery changes made in the Y1S0.4 patch.