Helldivers 2 players predict when The Illuminate will make their presence known in the galaxy

The Illuminate are the third faction that will be coming to Helldivers 2 in the future to join the Automatons and Terminids.

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Helldivers 2 player says teamwork is crucial for finding success

Four player missions are much more enjoyable than solo, but watch out for friendly fire.

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Eonjay1d 10h ago

I feel like this is self-evident.

OtterX13h ago

I thought team killing was the path to success? /s

FTLmaster16h ago

Seems a bit obvious.

In other news: water is wet!


This is written by either the best teammate, or the worst.

Nobody likes the person trying to whip their friends into shape, when they are all either high or drunk, or just trying to decompress.

If your team can’t do level 9, try level 7 or 8.

dumahim13h ago

So we've gone from "Players say" to "player says?" A single player said something, make an article!

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How to Coordinate Your Helldivers 2 Team to be the Most Efficient?

Players share the best ways to coordinate the team in Helldivers 2. What do EATs have to do with it?


Helldivers 2 player discovers that Automaton Major Orders have no impact on the story

Don't feel guilty about not wanting to fight the Automatons during the next Major Order.

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jznrpg16h ago

I like going against the Automatons better.

OhReginald14h ago

If you like bots, and there's a bug MO, just complete 1 bug operation to do your part and then go back to the bots for your toaster destroying fun. And vice versa for bugdivers.

Extermin8or3_12h ago

Given only 50% of major orders against the automatons have been successful and one is certainly one of the games most memorable events another is the biggest event/change outside of the black hole event recently. So I don't get how they worked this out. Full of crap tbh.

DustMan11h ago

I think it's because for the most part the bugs don't shoot back lol.

HellspawnPR198110h ago

People play Helldivers for the "story"?