PS Plus Users Are Getting An Essential DLC For Free This Month

This isn't an expansion to skip out on.

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Dirty_Lemons36d ago

It's Sims 4: City Living. May be in the minority but this seems like fucking clickbait yet again. Could give the title of the game in the headlines but choose not to.

hombreacabado36d ago

i clicked it like a dumb ass not knowing it was a sims 4 dlc. not my cup of tea.

OtterX36d ago

Next time check out the tag underneath. ;)

Skuletor36d ago

It's not really free either, since it's provided as part of a paid service.

Luc2036d ago

Thank you for your sacrifice.

mastershredder36d ago

The Sims? This is actually a title for people that just started dating a gamer or befriended a gamer or group of gamers, bought a console or PC and want to look like they enjoy playing video games by leaving this crap running in the background. Look, not one buys or plays this Sims crap (except for the console-store newb and clueless demographic). They try to sell discount it ALL the time. No wonder it's free. Essential? About as essential as stepping in dog dookie.

gold_drake36d ago

there are quite a few people who play and enjoy these games.
its not for you to dictate what people enjoy or not.

dont like it, dont download it.

MestreRothN4G36d ago

You’re so absolutely clueless, even in the subject you think you understand. Such amazing ignorance

BrettAwesome36d ago

It plays like sh1t on consoles too

Nacho_Z36d ago

Loved Sims 3, couldn't stand Sims 4. Seems like the next game is closer to 3 than 4 thankfully.


Stellar Blade Gets Big PS Plus Premium Game Trial

PS Plus Premium subscribers can play a big chunk of Stellar Blade for free right now. The game already has a demo on the PS Store.

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jznrpg8d ago

Playing it now! The game is pretty big. I like that there is a lot of hidden stuff. It is a lot like Nier Automata more than I thought. But this game has some verticality to it. Recommended


PS Plus Premium Update Adds 3 Classic PS2 Games

The PlayStation Plus Premium library is updated to add three classic PlayStation 2 games to the lineup.

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boing111d ago

Please, try Synth Riders. It's better than Beat Saber imho, and I love Beat Saber. You literally feel like dancing.