Diablo Immortal Tempest Class Hands-On Preview

Game Rant spends some time trying out Diablo Immortal's extremely mobile Tempest class ahead of its release, and it's a fun one.

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Celebrate the Diablo Anniversary with March of the Goblins

Come celebrate the 1-year anniversary of Diablo IV and the 2-year anniversary of Diablo Immortal! There are heaps of rewards to mark these celebrations with a bounty of devilish goods across both games.

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anast19d ago

This game is about to get buried by Path 2.

LordoftheCritics19d ago

Still no global chat or group finder.

The emptiest MP game ever made.

OtterX19d ago

1 more month then I can celebrate 1 year since i stopped playing and uninstalled the game.

Walalon19d ago

We are on the same team brother!

Rynxie19d ago

I uninstalled d4 after they kept screwing over the sorc build and I beat the game. I also uninstalled immortal after reading the end. I actually went back to d2r here and there.

just_looken18d ago

The only thing i enjoyed in D4 was the mp side but after they gutted my hunter build then again wanted me to grind for over hundred hours each season i too quit like you.

Its insane though a year has already passed.

Daeloki17d ago

Hard pass, gave it a chance on launch with a friend, but we made it a bit past act 1 only to realise how tedious it was.


Diablo Immortal Devs Talk Tempest Builds, PVP Balance, and More

Game Rant sits down with Diablo Immortal developers to discuss the game's new Tempest class, its variety of playstyles, balancing it, and more.

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anast29d ago

Looks like a whale and shareholder meeting.


Diablo Immortal Devs Talk Creating Completely New Class for the Franchise

Game Rant sits down with Diablo Immortal developers to discuss the Tempest and the team's approach to designing an all-new class for the franchise.

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anast31d ago

"Creating Completely New Class for Whales"

staticall31d ago

«Tempest» with water and lighting, blue-green color scheme, wow, so original. I've got a new idea - «Volcano» with power of fire and earth, brown-red color scheme, ain't it great?! /s

Cinematic in the trailer is so cheapely made, for anything Blizzard-related, it's such a shame. Also, looks like they combined monk and blood knight(?) abilities, kinda makes it look like an afterthought.

How the mighty have fallen...