No Matter How Good Assassin's Creed Shadows Looks, I Can't Trust Ubisoft

Assassin's Creed Shadows' dual protagonists and Japanese setting may seem fascinating but there's a high chance Ubisoft will ruin it all.

Goodguy0139d ago

You simply just wait for sales on ubi games. They tend to drop quick and especially heavily after half a year or so.

exputers39d ago

Appreciate the comment, but that's hardly the point this article's trying to make.

Profchaos36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I'm curious genuine question do you write these articles completely or are they ai assisted.

I find it is a tough read as it's all over the shop and doesn't actually deliver a firm message that it sets out to establish. I'd typically see this kind of writing in ai assistance I assume you are affiliated with the site and maybe you could let us know

Either way appreciate you posting to n4g and keeping the site alive

exputers36d ago (Edited 36d ago )


We're strictly against AI-generated content and even recently caught and fired two members of the staff who were using AI to write articles, so feedback like this where eXputer gets called an AI site or anything similar is quite disheartening, I'll be honest. We do our best, especially in these trying times when the blogging industry is down bad and hard. All articles on the site are hand-crafted, and we have a dedicated team of news and opinion piece writers who do the work themselves.

However, I will say that feedback is more than welcome at eXputer, and we're really trying to build a loyal readership here. Genuine suggestions on what can be improved would be appreciated :)

Furesis39d ago

Looks like another AC game to me(modern AC) but people have been asking for a japanese setting for awhile so to me it makes sense why some people are more excited for this one. I'm not gonna get baited by ubisoft mediocre gameplay and trash ass stories that they have been creating for the past decade. They do know how to make good looking worlds tho so they got that going for them.

RaidenBlack38d ago

Yea ... the current Ubi gets trashed for the repetitive gameplay loops and odd live service/monetization choices but ....
Their tech department is nothing to scoff about ...
Many people ignored their latest Avatar game as a FarCry clone but it had some uniqueness and most of all Massive Entertainment really pushed the visuals with their latest version of the Snowdrop engine.
I just wish they alternate release between older architecture and modern architecture with their IPs like an old school stealth-focused AC between two AC RPGs or old school Ghost Recon after the last two massive open world GRs ... etc

-Foxtrot38d ago

I think many people ignored Avatar because it was Avatar to be honest, the films are box office successes but apart from the visuals and technology they are nothing special.

If it was a new IP I'd have been more interested.

Demetrius39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

I dont like cutscene trailers, the only cutscene trailers from companies I trust are rockstar, insomniac, Santa Monica, guerilla, because they even make the gameplay smooth like cutscenes, ubisoft has the budget to.make one of the best looking games that take advantage of this gen hardware but they still hold back some, avatar looks pretty af playing but you can tell it could use some smoothing out more, it's still fun, still tho ubi should step it up there's little to no competition coming out in the open world genre cause most of everybody wana copy souls combat then slap free roam on it, that's one thing I'm atleast glad about ubi they're not copying the souls formula that there only works for fromsoftware games, when gta 6 laugh rockstar will most likely show how open world should be done once again🤦🏾 it's always up to rockstar even tho they been on bs lol

lucian22938d ago

i will always love cgi trailers. doesnt matter if games are good, cgi trailers or openings/endings are usually awesome just visually

CantThinkOfAUsername38d ago

I do too, but there's hardly any interesting CGI trailers nowadays. Even that has taken a hit in quality. Compare the recent AC Shadows trailer to For Honor or The Division. It's mid at best.

RaidenBlack38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I hate launch CG trailers ... Becoz by the time of launch, the suspense's there no more
And I hate lazy CG teasers/hype trailers.
CG trailers should only be used for reveal, if CG is at all planned i.e , IMO ... and shouldn't be some random stuff but some hype inducing and at same time somewhat true to the end product.
Blizzard kind of nails the CG trailers.

Chard39d ago

Do these games still have the modern day office stuff?

anast38d ago

Probably a bit, but not as much as the older ones. They cut way back on that stuff.

anast38d ago

UBI soft games are best bought around $25 for the gold edition.

VincentVanBro38d ago

Best to not waste time on them at all.

Ninver38d ago

Ps plus release is the best way to play them

anast37d ago

and that too. As long as it's the gold edition (the complete version).

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