Assassin's Creed Shadows: Official Cinematic World Premiere Trailer

Assassin's Creed Codename Red becomes Assassin's Creed Shadows.

Relientk773d ago

Even if it's just CGI, Ubisoft know how to make good trailers. I'll give them that. Every Assassin's Creed trailer I've seen was sick.

CantThinkOfAUsername3d ago

They contract a 3D animation studio, Platige Image, for the trailers. They make plenty of good trailers for many video game companies.

on_line_forever3d ago

Ubisoft = good trailers and bad games

Lexreborn22d ago

You felt that way about Valhalla, odyssey and far cry 6?

--Onilink--2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

I liked odyssey, was bored out of my mind but finished Valhalla and couldnt even get past a couple of hours of FC6, so yeah, probably not the best examples to bring out.

I think the last Ubi game I thoroughly enjoyed was Immortals Fenyx Rising (such a horrible name…). It had quite a lot of variety in its gameplay (still some Ubi bloat but mostly acceptable)

Even with its DLCs, it was an interesting approach for the most part (a focus on endgame puzzle dungeons, a completely new gameplay style and the more bland one was the Chinese mythology one, though still enjoyable)

Still have to try out the new PoP though, that one looks interesting too (same with the one made by the Dead Cells dev)

Might give Avatar a chance when its heavily discounted purely because of the overkill mode on PC that is supposed to be gorgeous

Lexreborn22d ago

Onilink I think you’re confusing a game you aren’t interested in as a bad game in general. I played all 3 and they were good games even though they weren’t my cup of tea, immortal fennix didn’t do anything for me but if you add that in there you still can keep labeling good games they have been making.

If anything they make good games they just have some bad practices that aren’t that appealing. None of their games are unplayable and cater to their fans well. Even if I’m not particularly one of them

--Onilink--1d 19h ago (Edited 1d 19h ago )

I was interested in those AC games and in FC6, I have played every one of their previous titles.

Both Valhalla and FC6 suffered from an extreme amount of bloat that has become typical of almost all Ubi games for quite a few years already.

I never said they were bad or terrible games, I dont think they are good either. Games are ultimately meant to be fun/entertaining, so one of the worst sins a game can commit is to be boring.

Thats why there are plenty of 60-70 games that people still enjoy immensely, despite probably having more flaws than a totally safe by design game like AC Valhalla.

The issue with those games is that its practically bursting by the seams the whole design by checklist/commitee feel, the need to make the world bigger just for the marketing points, the terrible side quests, the useless collectibles, the repetitive gameplay to extend the duration (again for the marketing points)

A game like Immortals, while maybe not for everyone (and despite people calling it a BotW clone) had tons of variety in its gameplay and design.
The new PoP took a whole new approach to the standard Ubi template

FC6 and AC Valhalla were notable downgrades compared to previous titles, and they are not the only series to experience that (WD2 > Legion, GR Wildlands > Breakpoint, etc)

Profchaos1d 19h ago

I tend to agree I don't think any of those are good games they are gaming junk food predictable and formulaic in their own ways.

Lexreborn21d 18h ago


Nothing wrong with having games you are familiar with and meet your expectations. Musuo games hit that for me more often than not. Some are formulaic and don’t jump into them, others I grind for 100s of hours.

But again I don’t believe there are any bad Ubisoft games especially off the merit of your perception of bloat and boredom. That assassins creed game may be someone’s first and it’s amazing expansive and the best thing they have seen to date.

For an older gamer like me, it may not cater to my needs when I play as when I played Origins I loved it but I burnt out fast in it. That didn’t stop me from finding what they made beautiful and a worth while time sync.

I also thought odyssey was fun until I burnt out on that too. But what I played I enjoyed, I have friends who sink hundreds of hours into them and haven’t gotten tired of a single entry. And I commend them for knowing what they like.

To say these franchise which continue to sale like crazy to the people who love them are bad is wild to me. It’s like people telling me FF is terrible even though they sell millions of copies and have a clear fan base.

We really just need to stop shitting where we sleep and gaming. Because the inconsistency will just have the executives scrambling trying to cater to be hated again and again and again

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Killa783d ago

Looks great!

Hopefully it's more semi-open world focussing on content rather than size.

3d ago
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No Matter How Good Assassin's Creed Shadows Looks, I Can't Trust Ubisoft

Assassin's Creed Shadows' dual protagonists and Japanese setting may seem fascinating but there's a high chance Ubisoft will ruin it all.

Goodguy012d ago

You simply just wait for sales on ubi games. They tend to drop quick and especially heavily after half a year or so.

exputers2d ago

Appreciate the comment, but that's hardly the point this article's trying to make.

Furesis1d 10h ago

Looks like another AC game to me(modern AC) but people have been asking for a japanese setting for awhile so to me it makes sense why some people are more excited for this one. I'm not gonna get baited by ubisoft mediocre gameplay and trash ass stories that they have been creating for the past decade. They do know how to make good looking worlds tho so they got that going for them.

RaidenBlack1d 6h ago

Yea ... the current Ubi gets trashed for the repetitive gameplay loops and odd live service/monetization choices but ....
Their tech department is nothing to scoff about ...
Many people ignored their latest Avatar game as a FarCry clone but it had some uniqueness and most of all Massive Entertainment really pushed the visuals with their latest version of the Snowdrop engine.
I just wish they alternate release between older architecture and modern architecture with their IPs like an old school stealth-focused AC between two AC RPGs or old school Ghost Recon after the last two massive open world GRs ... etc

-Foxtrot1d 5h ago

I think many people ignored Avatar because it was Avatar to be honest, the films are box office successes but apart from the visuals and technology they are nothing special.

If it was a new IP I'd have been more interested.