Nintendo confirms its commitment to physical games

In an era dominated by digital downloads and streaming services, the importance of physical media in gaming remains a topic of discussion.

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Chocoburger3d ago

Of course, Nintendo has always preferred physical sales, especially since they skew to a younger audience, and kids want games for their birthdays and holidays. They go to the store and pick the game they want.

Since the Wii they have always been the last major publisher to support modern tech or concepts, and they will be the last to support physical if it ever goes away. Which I hope it doesn't.

darthv723d ago

Nintendo just likes sales in general. If they can sell digital more, they would because the 2nd hand market they do not get a cut of. For me, i tend to buy more physical switch games than I do other platforms. I do have my fair share of digital deals from the eshop though. Especially if its something that i have a sealed physical copy of and dont want to reduce its value.

Cacabunga3d ago

Then I know for sure who I will be supporting

neutralgamer19923d ago

OK, but you need better format where these games could actually fit instead of half of the game being in physical form and all I have being on a digital code or have to download

Hofstaderman3d ago

The one caveat with cartridges. If the leaks are true the internal storage stands at 256gb plus SD card support too.

franwex2d ago

You could have a 256gb card and a 10gb card. Publishers will simply use the 10gb one and make you download the rest.

Inverno3d ago

There are cards that can fit all of a game but those cost more, and publishers are cheap. It's weird cause with how much the switch has sold and how long it's been on the market the costs to manufacture these cards should've been much lower by now. It's a publisher issue cause there has only been very few exceptions on PS and Xbox, rest of the industry would rather force a download despite Blu-ray being cheap.

shinoff21833d ago

Your right. It's definitely a publisher issue. From my time collecting that's what I've come across. Just always remember


Tell you everything you need to know about releases.

Flakegriffin2d ago

Pretty sure most, if not all, of Nintendo first party titles are all on cartridge. It’s the third parties.

Neonridr2d ago

that's on devs who opt for cheaper sized cartridges to save on manufacturing costs.

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ActualWhiteMan3d ago

Yeah it artificially retains the high prices for their software. Hence Pirates will always have their day with them.