Assassin's Creed Shadows Cover Art Leak Confirms Dual Protagonists

The cover art for Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed Shadows has been leaked online, and it confirms that the game will feature dual protagonists.

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3d ago
banger883d ago

The samurai dude is black....because of course he is. Because that makes total f***ing sense. I honestly wouldn't expect anything less from Ubisoft.

RaidenBlack3d ago

Supposedly inspired by the real life black samurai, Yasuke.

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RaidenBlack3d ago

Dunno why am I getting downvoted for this?
Just pointing it out what likely the protagonist's inspiration was.
Its not like I forced the decision to include the said the character as the main protagonist?
Sheeesh .... this community sometimes

Shiore2u3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

There's a lack of evidence to suggest Yasuke was a samurai. He was permitted to carry weapons in service of another, but that doesn't make one a samurai. He was also supposedly in Japan for only a year, not enough time to develop the training discipline required.

Redemption-643d ago


You shared a fact they don't want to hear

thorstein3d ago

Eivor Varinsdottir was a real shieldmaiden. Ubi allowed people to play her as a man.

Those that are "outraged" at how historically "inaccurate" this is were as silent as a winter night when AC: Valhalla allowed that to happen.

You've pointed out something factual that causes them significant cognitive dissonance. Of course they'll downvote you.

darthv723d ago (Edited 3d ago )

@Raiden, I think the disagrees are because you said Yasuke was a samurai... which he was not. He was the sword bearer for Nobunaga. Not actually a samurai himself.

@Redemption, the fact was only partially correct... he was black, and that's about it.

To be fair, there is already a better black samurai game.... Afro Samurai.

-Foxtrot3d ago

Thing is what we know of Yasuke is very little

However over the years people have speculated with all these cool stories but treat it as 100% fact. Now it comes across like that's indeed the story and games like this one are just going to lock in that idea.

You go online and it's like X person says this, Y person say this about him, it's all over the place. All that's really confirmed is his name was Yasuke, he was black man and he did travel to Japan. Did he become an official Samurai? Did he actually fight in many battles? Did he become a highly skilled killer? Nobody knows the answer 100%.

The weird thing for me is seeing Assassins Creed using a real person for it's main character rather than having a newly created character walk amongst their versions of these historical figures.

darthv723d ago

@Fox... i chalk it up to being Ubisoft doing Ubisoft things... which is taking liberties with loosely based factual information and embellishing on it.

DarXyde2d ago

Not enough known about Yasuke, but I take your point to be mostly accurate:

Likely inspired by Yasuke. The samurai part is debatable, but yes, I would think the inspiration is there.

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NovusTerminus3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Yasuke, he was a samurai who served under Nobunaga and was in fact black. However that is where his foot note in history begins and ends as he seemingly did nothing of note throughout his service.

There are far better general's they could have focused on who had major moments in history... But nope.

EDIT: I do want to add though, that since there is nothing of note from him in history, it does open up what you can do from a fictional writing stand point.

Hofstaderman3d ago

Stealth in that armour though....


@Hofstaderman Would be interesting if that armor actually slowed you down during stealth gameplay.

Hofstaderman3d ago

@Logic its a UbiSoft game so don't expect that level of detail. If and when I have time to try this game will likely play as the female shinobi. Perhaps that will offer a suite of stealthy options but I somehow doubt that....

Christopher2d ago

Likely one is stealth gameplay and other is the combat we've had in recent AC games.

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gold_drake3d ago

ugh geez. i audibly sighed when i read that earlier haha

altough there is a black samurai, was, i mean, of course ubisoft would pick that guy as inspiration

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LoLCryBabyGamers3d ago

omg! samurai dude is black who cares lol. God forbid. Looking forward to this games setting.

Rols2d ago

I’m sure you would be ok with a white Zulu or other African warrior? Pretending that Feudal Japan would tolerate a samurai who is not Japanese is laughable.
Is cultural appropriation not a thing anymore?

TheLigX3d ago

Does the show Afro-Samurai offend your sensibilities as well? You loudmouths are absolutely miserable exhausting human beings. Its some bit of solace to know that you're constantly miserable, while you only have the ability to annoy me for a few seconds before I move on with my life.

CrimsonWing693d ago

Easy there turbo, I’d be on the frontline with you if this was race swapping or something socially forced, but this is actually a historic character. There’s even an anime, though very loosely based, on him.

There’s Asians in the game and they went to tell the story of the Black Samurai, which to my knowledge hasn’t been done before. So, it’s a unique take when it comes to characters in a feudal Japan setting.

Look, I get it, it’s cringe as f*ck when brown people are forced into a game for SJW brownie points, but to get pissed over this is pretty f*cked when it’s a historic thing and exploring that story is the direction they took. Like why not, right?

H93d ago

Say that Yasuke being a samurai is without evidence and people literally lose their mind, they would curse you to hell, I find the guy cool honestly in many pieces of fiction that doesn't portray him correctly, but I am not gonna act that it's historically accurate

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IAMRealHooman3d ago

Just play ghost of tsushima. It's already a better AC style game then AC

ROCKY283d ago