Xbox Game Pass Suddenly Doesn't Feel Like The Best Deal In Gaming Anymore

With Microsoft closing studios, fewer new exclusive releases are expected for Xbox.

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Community71d ago
shinoff218371d ago

Not sure it ever was. It's upside was day 1 releases from 1st party. Few and far between plus it is just a rental service where you don't pick. It is fairly cheap for now that's a bonus. I think the beat deal in gaming is gamesale on reddit , and watching amazon

Eonjay71d ago

I got PSPlus and let me tell you it already feels like too much. As in, its nice to have all these games to play, but I'm still human and I only have a limited amount of time for gaming. The selection is definitely larger and better than Game Pass, but keep in mind, its 'Value' isn't something that normal people can really cash in on. Perhaps if you had it for GP ultimate, to get day on MS games, and only those games, and MS delivered on some bangers, it would be cool, but the same thing applies as with Plus. You are going to wind up paying for more than you actually use over a five year period. With GP set to go up in price, this exacerbates the situation. Plus you still got to PAY for games that aren't in the services that you want to play like GTA 6.

The only conclusion is that you pay more. You will not be able to get around that with any subs in the long run.

neutralgamer199271d ago

As a subscriber to Game Pass, I believe the service has the potential to be the best in gaming. However, to achieve this, it needs to consistently release three first-party exclusives each year: one AAA title and two AA titles, all with Metacritic scores of 82-85 or higher. Currently, it feels like we are not seeing this level of quality from Microsoft. Since acquiring numerous studios, the only standout game has been Hi-Fi Rush, and unfortunately, that studio is now closed.

I suggest that Microsoft's CEO consider bringing in experienced leaders like Jack Tretton or Shawn Layden to guide Xbox. Their leadership could help the Xbox brand become more competitive with PlayStation. Phil Spencer and his team, despite their efforts, seem to be struggling to keep up with the competition. It's concerning that Microsoft, having invested so much, is still unable to confidently report sales numbers without appearing lackluster compared to competitors.

Phil Spencer once mentioned that if Game Pass didn’t reach a certain threshold, they would reevaluate their strategy. This moment might be approaching. By 2030, there seems to be a higher likelihood of Xbox shifting to a software publisher rather than being a strong competitor to PlayStation or Nintendo.

The acquisition of Bethesda, motivated by fears of losing Starfield to Sony as a timed exclusive, hasn’t yet yielded the desired results. Over the past decade, Xbox has struggled with a series of underwhelming releases, and it’s time for a significant change to turn things around

Notellin71d ago

It was only worth it for me when I got 3 years for $45 per year. I'm not paying $18 a month to wait 6 months for their next first party release.

This service would work better for me if it was cheaper and you got their exclusives 3 or 6 months after launch. My gaming group all bought three years because of the low price and we ended up playing a lot of smaller games we would have never tried.

I can't play or keep up with all the new content and I suspect most others can't either. I just feel like the service is better in the other direction instead of focusing on the big budget IPs and "AAAA" budget games.

Jingsing70d ago

All you can eat model has been the biggest fallacy going since restaurants did it in the 90's then stopped. Because you can't eat everything and you end up enjoying nothing trying. Best model is buying the game you want.

ChasterMies70d ago

What shinoff2183 said. Xbox’s marketing was so good that this “best deal in gaming” mantra took over reality. Epic Game Store Freebies on PC are the absolute best deal in gaming. PS+ for PS4 and PS5 have always been a better deal than Game Pass because PS+ has always cost less per month. And of course there has been the problem of Microsoft failing to deliver quality titles to Game Pass. When the games you want to play aren’t on Game Pass, then Game Pass is not a good deal.

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ThinkThink71d ago

Still the best deal in gaming for me, at least until it isnt.

Snookies1271d ago

It most certainly is the best deal in gaming. It's definitely not GOOD for gaming. But, the value is undisputable right now. I fully expect that value to decrease within the next year or two though. It has never been sustainable. It's only a matter of time.

Eonjay71d ago

I really have a hard time with calling these subs value. This is because as I tried to explain above, I link value to not just money but also time. You can't play all the game in the service to completion. Most games you would never touch. You may 'try' games with the service, but you are only going to play the games you enjoy. Games you come back to and play for years. If you are paying $200 a year for a service for 10 years, thats $2000. With that much money, you can just buy and keep all the games you are actually gonna want to enjoy. This is just my analysis btw and its subjective based on what I define as value which may be different to you.

helicoptergirl70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

It only DEPENDS on how much you game and how many different games you play in the space of a year. I honestly believe, that for the vast majority of gamers, this is no way, shape or form is "the best deal in gaming".

My statement proves correct imo because GamePass is failing.

crazyCoconuts71d ago

For console, it's over $200 / year for GamePass.
Most of the 3rd party games they bring are no longer impressive. The first party games have not been good.
My opinion is the PS Essentials is currently the best deal in gaming at $80/year and you get decent games to keep every month. GP on PC for $120 is good too.
If NEW COD gets added in without a price increase, PC GP would truly be great.

Chocoburger71d ago

"Suddenly", my gosh are people so slow on the uptake.

I've been saying this for years, its just a rental service nothing special, and you don't get to pick what the rental catalogue is nor how long it lasts. Anything can be taken away from you on a whim, even while you keep paying.

You know what the best deal in gaming is? BUY your games on disc / cart, OWN THEM, play them as much as you want, and no one can take them away from you.

Tapes and cartridges from the 80's still work to this day, and people can still enjoy them without having to pay any additional fees. That sounds like a far better deal than a corporate rental service.

Hofstaderman71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

This. Playing xenogears on my OG PS1 right now. Just got to Dazil and have most deathblows learnt but not accesible due to my level. What makes it bearable on a 4K tv is a AV to HDMI upscaler. Obviously has limits but good enough for me. No worries of the game being removed from a service too.

darthv7271d ago (Edited 71d ago )

That's the whole point of renting... you rent, you play, you buy your own copy if you feel the need. What GP is doing is no different than the blockbuster or hollywood videos or every mom and pop rental shop. And people would buy their own copies if they liked what they rented.


Good luck getting some of these fanboys to understand that…

ApocalypseShadow71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

No. What game pass has done is tried to increase the idea that games have no value when buying. Only that the SERVICE has value through renting. Rent what you like when you like on any platform you choose that we're on for pennies.

When you push the idea upfront that developers games don't need to be purchased, not only does it hurt those developers, it hurts the industry with less revenue and profit to be made. Microsoft doesn't care as the only thing they care about is the subscriptions. They'll just replace you as a developer or your game with someone else if you go out of business or fire employees to stay afloat.

We have not seen one instance where Microsoft cares. They didn't care about Tango even if they made a good game that Shadow launched on game pass and killed the games sales. What makes you think they care about any other developer big or small? It's all about game pass right? This great rental service that's been known to kill game sales as Microsoft no longer reports them. And we've seen every NPD and worldwide sales of games on Xbox that are dwarfed by Nintendo and PlayStation game sales.

The selfishness of thinking about this bullshit value of the service is why many developers and employees have been hurt. The nonsense of Microsoft buying up publishers to prop up the service resulting in even more job losses.

You and Truth are part of the problem.

shinoff218371d ago

That may be the point from gamepass but we all know a majority of the base isn't doing that. Most are using it for their gaming period.

romulus2371d ago

Yeah and where are those Blockbuster or Hollywood Videos now? The problem is you claim people will "buy if they feel the need" but they clearly are not doing that and the numbers prove it, MS is removing physical games from stores becasue they know people aren't buying them.

darthv7271d ago

@romulus... well the fall of BB and HV was due to the declining markets for physical media. something that has been happening to gaming as well. The PC market is 99% all digital and it doesnt seem to stop anyone from buying. Consoles are becoming no different. People used to try before they buy thanks to demos... now it happens that these demos are the full thing. And yes, people ARE actually buying the games as a result of GP. You, shin & shadow just arent paying attention, or you deliberately choose to ignore that fact.

romulus2370d ago

I'm not deliberately choosing to ignore anything, everything I stated was based on verifiable facts, the fact is physical xbox games aren't selling if they were xbox wouldn't be removing them from stores and we know that's happening becasue we've gotten numerous articles to that very fact. We know because it was reported from their own documents that Microsoft admitted gamepass cannibalizes game sales, that's a fact. No people are NOT buying physical xbox games due to gamepass and you claiming they are doesn't change that. No one is paying a subscription fee to play Hellbalde 2 for nine hours to then turn around and buy the game for $70 when it has no replay value. Not sure if you're trying to convince yourself or everyone else but the gamepass "try before you buy" is a myth, it doesn't happen. Maybe if it did Tango Gameworks would still be around.

shinoff218370d ago


Your full of sht man. Microsoft has come out in those hearings saying themselves the gamepass has killed sales.

I've never denied that there are Xbox players that buy games. Never, not once. I will say the majority of the base does not buy games.



It was reported pretty heavy. Not sure how you missed this, and again I'll point to the 4 releases on ps5 as another argument of the same argument.

Flakegriffin70d ago

And how did those stores end up?

Christopher69d ago

You mean those places that don't exist anymore?

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gold_drake70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

i agree with you 100%

it is a good deal, dont get me wrong, but you dont own anything you play and you have no control over any sort of ownership whatsoever. if a game gets suddenly removed and you havent finished it ? well, too bad.

i think people always seem to forget that detail.

Fishy Fingers71d ago

I'll probably download 4 of the games they announced coming today over the next month for £9. Seems ok to me.

But then, I tend to play single player games and i rarely revisit so a "rental service" suits me. Pretty much everything I play on PS is via PS+ extra.

monkey60271d ago

I am the complete opposite. I have ditched both GamePass and PlusExtra because I find I just add stuff to my play later queue and end up playing all the games I've bought instead. I went a whole year on both services and barely used them at all.

Fishy Fingers71d ago

Arent options great.