Bethesda can't see past RPGs

Those of you who enjoy a good bout of rat-punching, will be pleased to hear that Bethesda has no plans to move out of the role-playing genre, according to voice-of-the-company Pete Hines.

"I can tell you that right now there are no plans internally for us to do anything other than role-playing," Bethesda's vice president of PR told Edge recently.

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THWIP4285d ago

Pirates of the Caribbean, Rogue Warrior, and their 2 new Star Trek games aren't RPGs. ???

Lucidmantra4285d ago

Yes, Bethesda does other stuff but their Elder Scrools Series has been the defining title of their company for some time now. They do RPGs very well and i think this guy doesn't know much of the lineup and history of Bethesda to include way back in the day titles such as Terminator 2028 and SkyNet which were very top end FPS games for their time.


Why dont you try and keep it exclusive to xbox next time, ya money grabbers!

eclipsegryph4285d ago

The Elder Scrolls series used to be exclusive to the PC market, up until Bethesda came out with the Morrowind GOTY edition for the X-Box, lest you forget. :)

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4285d ago

should place you in the roll of the destroyer, not the savior. Keep it from being complacent and stale.


yeah but the console iterations were always xbox exclusive... I hope they're lack of loyalty comes back to haunt them :)

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