13 Best Nintendo 64 Platformer Games

The Nintendo 64 era was a fantastic time for platformer games, featuring timeless classics and obscure hidden gems.

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Xbox Needs to Embrace PlayStation and Nintendo for Sustainability

Ybarra, who spent two decades at Microsoft, acknowledged concerns about the future of Xbox hardware by fans once more first-party games go multiplatform.

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ThinkThink35m ago

As an xbox guy, If porting some exclusives to sony and nintendo allows MS to continue offering gamepass day one, I'm all for it. Port them all if you need to.

Hofstaderman18m ago(Edited 16m ago)

Your way of thinking is why Microsoft is where they are. All they had to do was hold the line of the 360 circa 2010. Had the continued with thay strategy they would not have had to introduce gamepass which has spectacularly kneecapped them.

KevtheDuff9m ago

As a consumer, I really get that point of view.

As an ex dev seeing what's happened to the industry I have no doubt that GP is harming the industry I love by devaluing games, so my thoughts are little less positive about it.

I can agree with the sentiment that most of their games should be multi platform. Until they swallowed up these devs, most of the titles we are wating for would have been multi platform anyway.

Lexreborn23m ago

I still find it funny that Microsoft is spinning its obligations that it has to releasing on other systems as if it is some noble decision. Before they bought the companies they did these games were all in development easily the last 3-5 years and had some type of standing agreement they absorbed.

People are acting like this is a dependency when in reality it’s them just trying to avoid major lawsuits. I am willing to bet any game that’s started development in the last year that would release in the next 5 will eventually be Xbox only unless in the next 5 years Xbox just fails hard.

And with the new skus they released I REALLY don’t foresee them having a huge jump. When now the disc version is a HUGE luxury at 600 with them not even having a physical presence anymore it’s them killing their physical market.

CrimsonWing692m ago(Edited 2m ago)

They just need super strong games and consistency. This showcase was the first time since the 360 era where I actually was excited for what Xbox has. I already own a paper weight Xbox Series X, but now it’s looking like it’s time to blow the 3 inch layer of dust off it and give it some loving.

What Xbox needs to do now is be consistent with the releases. Don’t let this be a one time thing and then back the the poultry exclusives and typical Forza, Halo, and whatever else they just release. If they can do that I honestly believe they can rebuild the brand and possibly get it back to how it was when the 360 was alive.


Former PlayStation Boss Responds to Phil Spencer's 'Slimy' Comment

In addition to catching a bit of flak from the former PlayStation boss, Phil Spencer has also come under criticism for the recent Xbox game studio closures.

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Jin_Sakai11h ago(Edited 11h ago)

“Phillip W. Spencer III:"Xbox’s aim with Call of Duty is to give players choice, not "do slimy platform things" that make one option more appealing."

Yet Xbox were the ones who started this exclusive crap with CoD during the 360/PS3 era. This guy is something else.

CrashMania5h ago(Edited 5h ago)

Yep, some of their fans also parrot this hypocritical line, MS started and popularised that trend, then spent 80 billion.

Pot kettle black.

S2Killinit46m ago(Edited 46m ago)

Every word out of MS can be flipped on its head to reveal the truth.

ravens5243m ago

Don't you get the beta early if you have gamepass, that's what I heard.

Reaper22_21m ago(Edited 21m ago)

"Yet Xbox were the ones who started this exclusive crap with CoD during the 360/PS3 era. This guy is something else."

That's not actually true. Sony paid to keep games off of Nintendo and sega back in day. Plus they payed blocking rights to keep certain games off of gamepass which is probably what Phil may be referring to. Imo that makes them slimey too if we're being honest. At the end of the day it's just business. There is no doubt in my mind that if sony could make huge purchases like Microsoft, they would. You probably won't see sony respond with an official statement because they know they are just as guilty.

Einhander19727m ago

"Sony paid to keep games off of Nintendo and sega back in day."

That's not actually true.

Nintendo (and Sega) had licensing of games exclusive to their system way before PlayStation even existed, and both used 3'rd party developers to make licensed games exclusively for their hardware.

You and Microsoft are literally trying to rewrite history.

DarkKaine8m ago

The first instance of this crap I remember is Soul Calibur II. GameCube got Link, Xbox had Yoda and PS2 had Darth Vader.

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Terry_B10h ago

Phil was and is the right man for the company he is working for. Slimy..through and through. The Persons as well as the company itself.

italiangamer9h ago

POS boss for a POS brand with POS fans, that's what xbox is.
So good to see them begging for Sony and Nintendo money and making all their games multiplatform, they are the ultimate losers and got what they deserve.

XiNatsuDragnel5h ago

Microsoft are the definition of slimy imo

I_am_Batman4h ago

Phil Spencer surely must have the world record in the amount of times a CEO can put his foot in his mouth throughout his career. I honestly wonder why Microsoft even lets him do interviews at all at this point.

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Nintendo, Xbox, And PlayStation Have All Now Abandoned Twitter/X Integration

The latest Switch firmware update kills off support for the Elon Musk-owned social media company.

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Jin_Sakai19h ago

Could care less. I use consoles to play games not for social media.

Cacabunga5h ago

Social garbage should be abandoned altogether.. the world is stupid since these things got introduced

senorfartcushion3h ago

I would say YouTube was more to blame for this weird unrest we are seeing at the minute. That platform has given license to some of the stupidest people to build advice channels for kids growing through their formative learning years. It's no wonder there are so many incels around.

z2g2h ago

The world was stupid before that. Social media just let you see it.

z2g2h ago

It’s for posting content like game captures, not responding to your boo’s pool pictures.

But F twitter anyway