Nintendo Briefing: Top 20 Highlights

To save you wading through the lengthy transcript of Nintendo of Japan's recent corporate management briefing edited it down to 20 bite-size and fascinating highlights...

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Why Is No One Making AAA Horror Games Anymore?

Saif from eXputer inquires, "Despite the everlasting popularity of the genre, why hasn't there been a good AAA horror game in a while now?"

Jin_Sakai22h ago

Because the gaming industry is obsessed with live service games.

Rynxie9h ago

Because he touches himself at night to characters like lady Dimitrescu.

Crows905h ago

You're the one still thinking about her

Rynxie5h ago


Did I give away your secret? It's okay, if you sit on your hand and numb it, you can pretend it's her playing with your little stick.

MaximusPrime_21h ago

Good for me, I have no interests in horror games

-Foxtrot12h ago

Even when they do it's first person trying to copy Outlast, Five Nights, P.T etc

I think the Dead Space / RE2 / RE4 Remake and the Evil Within 2 showed you can have a good story based, third person survival horror game.

jeromeface10h ago

remakes is another good reason

thesoftware7309h ago

Calisto Protocol was also fun with fantastic presentation.

FinalFantasyFanatic1h ago

I feel like we haven't had much in the way of horror games for years, I think it became rare after the PS2/PS3 gen. Maybe i'll pick up that Crow Country that recently came out, that looks good.

Redemption-6410h ago

Because outside of a fee games, most don't sell that well

Crows905h ago

So in other words...AAA publishers don't have creativity or passion for games.

CrimsonWing6910h ago

Didn’t we have Dead Space Remake and Resident Evil 4 Remake last year?

thorstein10h ago(Edited 10h ago)

Among others

And isn't Dying Light 2 a horror game?

Scissorman10h ago

And Alan Wake 2 and Alone in the Dark.

richardmmorales1h ago

We also had The Quarry and The Dark Pictures The Devil In Me.