Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 Appears To Have Received A Substantial Visual Upgrade, Comparison Inside

Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 has received a substantial visual upgrade, and we've put together a comparison that shows the improvements.

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Petebloodyonion40d ago

And still no marketing for this :(

Barlos40d ago

Why market something that isn't designed to be sold?

This has GP rental written all over it.

Petebloodyonion40d ago

Why bother showing me X shows streaming on Disney before my YouTube video since it's a rental?
Why bother showing what movies are coming to a theater?
Actually, how come game companies bothered in them past with advertising games since a lot of ppl used to rent them at BlockBuster?

Here is a simple reason: making ppl Interested in this game by making them subscribe to Gamepass, or buying the game on PC/Xbox, or worse giving them a reason to buy an Xbox console.

Noskypeno39d ago

@Pete, speaking of movies, Microsoft should copy that business model and sell the games at $70 for 3 months and then let it hit Gamepass after those 3 months. It gives them time to let the game receive a big profit, so for that big game you've been waiting years for that you don't want spoiled, I don't mind paying the $70 a couple times a year. And for those small niche games that don't require a big budget and big profits to succeed, well Gamepass is perfect for that to see if you enjoy it.

Petebloodyonion39d ago

I agree, always said that there are no financial gains in putting established games that will sell on names alone (COD, GEARS, HALO, FORZA, etc), the same way Disney won't give you the next Avenger Day 1 on Disney plus +.
MS could release game some smaller games with some AA game day 1 while making money for a couple of month on big titles.

Tacoboto40d ago

They just posted a 20+ minute video about Psychosis and how the game portrays that through Senua.

Regardless of what Microsoft is doing (retweeting Ninja Theory is about as low effort as it gets, and Dashboard Dynamic Themes should've come months ago), Ninja Theory themselves are at least trying.

It's sad though. That new video was a really good behind-the-scenes too, and it just came at such a bad time.

Terry_B40d ago

who knows..they might be the next developer that gets shut down..6-12 months after Hellblade 2 is released.

Charlieboy33339d ago

"a 20+ minute video about Psychosis and how the game portrays that through Senua".....game sounds like a bundle of fun!

Tankbusta4040d ago

How much marketing do games really need these days? People that play games know when its coming out. I really think the days of the constant tv ad etc are going the way of the Dodo. What scares me more is the lack of "previews" on big video game websites, it only got a few on April 4th and then nothing since.

RNTody40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Wow Tankbusta40 how out of touch with reality can you be, mate. Do you think companies are insane to spend millions on having giant billboards for big releases and TV adverts and superbowl slots and round the clock PR and interviews? Most of the people who buy games aren't on gaming forums like these knowing the exact release dates!

This isn't being marketed because Microsoft isn't selling the product, it's a Game Pass day one and they don't throw their weight behind games like this.

Chevalier39d ago

"Here is a simple reason: making ppl Interested in this game by making them subscribe to Gamepass, or buying the game on PC/Xbox, or worse giving them a reason to buy an Xbox console."

No one is buying a Xbox for Hellblade 2. Lol. Advertising will not change that. Just considering after all this time Xbox confirmed numbers they were not good for Hellblade 1

"The last numbers we have for Hellblade 1 is that it had 6.3 million players after four years. That’s players, not sales, and that includes launching on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Switch and it was also on Xbox Game pass starting in 2018."


Killer2020UK39d ago

Wouldn't be surprised if one of the money men at Microsoft have already earmarked this studio for closure regardless of how well Hellblade 2 does. Hence the lack of marketing spend.

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Hugodastrevas40d ago

Wait, this game's actually still being made?

Hugodastrevas40d ago

Clearly, because there's tons of promotion about this game everywhere! /S

ThinkThink39d ago

Under a rock much? This game has been trailered to death already over the past 5 years.

Hedstrom40d ago

Ninja Theory is gonna be MS next cut!

Crows9040d ago

Most likely. Otherwise more people would know about the game....most people don't...it'll drive some in Gamepass but that's probably going to be it.

ThinkThink39d ago

Most people don't know about the first game either. I don't see this driving new members to gamepass though, it's too niche.

Terry_B40d ago

yupp..most likely just a matter of time.

more or less every studio that got bought by them was killed later.

Walalon40d ago

It's sad that Ninja Theory can update graphics, lighting, made a marvelous game but still the sword of Damocles moving up their heads... After Tango Game works every one that works on any studios under the wing of MS are probably having a Plan B looking for another place to go thanks to that stupid idea of even if you create a jewel they can axe you...

DarXyde40d ago

I mean, we'll have to see.

What I find problematic was Bond really saying that each case for success metrics with different studios is different. However, the studios recently closed seemed surprised when it happened so... Is Microsoft not telling the studios what their expectations are?

It's entirely feasible, but I suspect Starfield didn't really move the needle and Bethesda is safe... But Tango, who made a game that was very well received with a smaller budget gets closed?

We really don't understand what they want. It doesn't help that they shadow dropped HFR with no marketing and I would say outperformed any expectations for it. But somehow, that wasn't enough?

In truth, we don't really know what the criteria for closure is. Specific engagement metrics? Mean play time? Some internally developed index to assess some engagement-to-budget ratio?

We don't know. I think the concern for Ninja Theory is valid, but sink or swim at MGS seems to be a moving target.

MrBaskerville39d ago

The most concerning thing about Senua is that it's a farily niche title that MS for some reason spent a fortune on. Makes you think about what their expectations are. If they are hoping for God Of War money I would expect another closure.

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Nacho_Z40d ago

The new pics look more orange but that's about it.

glenn197940d ago (Edited 40d ago )

aha just like death stranding

Skuletor40d ago

It's been over 4 years since that game released. I wonder if Ninja Theory will even be around 4 years from now, maybe not even 4 months, lol.

Flewid63824d ago

Less game than Death Stranding. Better graphics tho