V Rising Review - Bloodsucking Brilliance - The Koalition

Joe LaRue of The Koalition writes: Stunlock Studios’ V Rising is a MOBA-esque survival game that differs from the normal path of others. You play as a newly awakened vampire on PVE, PVP, or private servers, and are determined to become the most powerful bloodsucker. Many other survival games have you follow the same pattern: punch trees, build a workbench, make tools, dig rocks, and build a wall.

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rbailey41d ago

A great survival game experience that brings something different to the genre.


V Rising PlayStation 5 Review – Ultimate Vampire Sim ⏐ Nerdy Bird Games

V Rising developed and published by Stunlock Studios is now available on Steam and PlayStation 5. V Rising is a survival open-world RPG that took the PC community by storm in its early access days but how well does it convert to Ps5?

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V Rising (PS5) Review - CGMagazine

Stunlock's vampire survival crafting game, V Rising, lands on the PS5 but is it a vampire killer, or bloody tears?

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Seth_hun5d ago

I agree with this review, it is boring as hell. Iwould give it a 5 maybe.
I know its my fault not researchig the game enough to realise that these crafting mechanics are not my cup of tea, and the lack of story and characters are killing my desire to push forward.


The open-world vampire ARPG “V Rising” is now available for the PS5 worldwide

"The Skövde-based (Sweden) indie games developer Stunlock Studios are today very proud and excited to announce that their open-world vampire ARPG “V Rising”, is now available for the PS5 worldwide." - Jonas Ek, TGG.