The Stellar Blade Censorship Controversy Explained

With arguments about video game censorship raging across the internet, it’s time to look at what the Stellar Blade controversy is all about.

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Knightofelemia68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

The game shouldn't be censored to begin with. And the "Western media of artists censoring their work to avoid offending audiences!" I am offended that the game I bought with my own money is censored. I honestly should have just waited for a PC version of the game at least then it wouldn't be censored for me.

fsfsxii67d ago

Just dont buy the game and save us the preaching. We dont need the weeaboos who are more concerned about pixelated censorship than their personal hygiene

Hypertension14067d ago (Edited 67d ago )

The main issue they have with this is that they ONLY seem to do it to asian games, or anything that looks like anime.

You're telling me that ripping people in half in Mortal Kombat is OK, but a 2D visual novel like doki doki literature club gets its blood censored? Even if their both rated M.

I personally don't care much, but I can see why people are upset.

Barlos67d ago

It's not just this though. It's a much wider issue. For example, look what Penguin have been doing to Roald Dahl's books. They employ 'sensitivity writers' - whatever the hell they are - to rewrite parts of his work. How dare they change the author's work, in order to satisfy DEI nonsense! If people don't like it, they don't have to read it!

It's happening everywhere. We're getting to the point where we're no longer allowed to make our own decisions as to what we can and cannot watch, play, listen to. Someone else is making those decisions for us and it shouldn't be happening.

anast67d ago

Worrying about strangers' bathing habits isn't the most bizarre fetish, but it's certainly a strange one.

anast67d ago

"For example, look what Penguin have been doing to Roald Dahl's books. They employ 'sensitivity writers'"

This is frightening actually.

RNTody67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Dude, fsfsxii, you need to stop the strawman arguments. You don't have to agree, but don't argue like a degenerate. This is "because Dante's hair isn't white" all over again, when fans were upset at DmC: Devil May Cry and the direction it took and all defenders could say was gamers were being whiners because the developers changed the heroes hair colour.

The people that are upset as I've understood it are acutely aware that there are other more revealing outfits in the game. They are upset at A) the principle of being promised an uncensored version of a game only for that to be changed AFTER purchase and B) having to deal with this nonsense in games rated M.

Now, if Stellar Blade had announced PRIOR to release that they were not satisfied with a few of the outfits and were making cosmetic changes, I guarantee you no one would be bothered. If the developers had added in alternate variants of the same suits or a censorship toggle in the options menu, people would be happy. It's an argument of principle.

Secondly, turn on the TV and watch any R or mature movie or series and they are rampant with sex, drugs, violence, rape and all other things that Hollywood is allowed to do. But gamers have to be compared to basement dwellers because they want M rated games to be left alone. We can shoot kids in Red Dead Redemption and watch bodies decompose, but no boobies. Explain this, please?

Did you enjoy it when BioWare lied to you before Mass Effect 3 came out and told you that the game had so many endings you wouldn't be able to count them, and it would not be an A, B or C scenario, only for it to end up exactly that way? Regardless of who it is, or how much we like the studio, why should any self respecting person accept being lied to before making a purchase?

Now I loved the demo of Stellar Blade and I plan to play the full game this year. If you disagree with this topic, attack the argument without strawmanning the situation.

Knightofelemia67d ago


I like anime but I am not a weeb. As an adult I hate it when people censor shit for me. I can understand if you're one of those woke people who get offended by a game for how a character looks. But the rest of us hate your woke crap and woke messages. I honestly don't care what EVE wears but censoring the game for me is where I draw the line and it's because of your woke culture the world it what it is now.

vTuro2467d ago

Don't you just love it how every time someone disagrees with an anti-censorship post on this topic they go straight for personal insults? It's almost like you people can't form a single coherent argument for why censorship is ok. Why we shouldn't speak up against it. It's not about seeing pixel tits, it's about some shitty publisher not undermining artistic vision and dictating what we can or can not see.

NotoriousWhiz66d ago

Yall talk like this is all about "censorship" and "changing the game after purchase", but I also wonder how many of yall would be shouting the same thing if the costume started out less revealing and was later made more revealing.

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shinoff218367d ago

It wasn't a western studio that made the game as far as I know

RNTody66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

@NotoriousWhiz What point do you imagine you made? The argument from those making it is about censorship and going against what is promised to purchasers, so why would anyone have a problem with what you're describing? A costume that started out less revealing and became more revealing violates neither the argument of censorship nor the argument of the developers promise to give people an uncensored game???

That said, nothing wrong with options and the game can easily have variant costumes or a censorship slider.

Barlos67d ago

Why should it be censored to begin with? It's a game aimed at adults. Therefore it shouldn't need censoring at all. I do wish media would stop trying to infantalise everyone. Let us make our own choices ffs!

CrimsonWing6967d ago (Edited 67d ago )

That’s what weirds me out. It’s like if you went to an R-rated movie and they showed previews that it was a good ol’ classic 90’s flick with sex and violence, but then decided to shade over nude scenes like it was catered towards a different audience or insulting the viewers as if they’re not “mature” enough to view it. It’s just weird…but oh the gratuitous and graphic violence is A-OK.

The game is the game that it is. It’s specifically catered to people who enjoy sexy designs with over-the-top action. That’s it, nothing more. Just let it be.

Barlos67d ago

Exactly, and honestly compared to some games on Steam that are effectively porn, Stellar Blade is very tame. There was zero need to censor it, but of course there's ESG and DEI that companies have to comply with.

Hugodastrevas67d ago

Devs should just make it a toggle, those who are offended can censor their own game those who want it uncensored can leave it uncensored. They already have all assets so nothing goes to waste

Chocoburger67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Yes but this thought process makes too much sense in the modern era. Choice is bad! Follow what we say, that's all that matters! 🙄

CrimsonWing6967d ago

It’s more like one side wants everything catered to them regardless of whether they want to consume it or not. Changing things like this no matter how little or big isn’t going to make that group buy it. It’s the fact that it exists that pisses them off and if it were up to them this game wouldn’t exist. Instead of a balance of games for them and games for another group it has to be only one sided. They scream for tolerance and acceptance yet they have no tolerance and acceptance for the other side. It’s ridiculous.

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rippermcrip67d ago

Gamers are the biggest cry babies of all.

Huey_My_D_Long67d ago

Them acting as if a new age phenomenon as if its not just not something that entertainment has always dealt with.
Don't like books being adapted for modern audiences? The practice dates back decades with publishers but lets pretend its a modern invention of the "Woke" phase.
People upset at Sony like Sony ever allowed AO games or just nudity in general on console. Last adult game they did allow for titilation had to be dropped because they had underage girls in it (The Guy Game)
You want uncensored games? Get a pc.

Hugodastrevas67d ago

@Huey_My_D_Long Witcher 3 has sex scenes, Cyberpunk 2077 let's you customize your genitals, Baldur's Gate 3 had zoophilia customizing genitals and genital physics, Last of Us 2 has sex scenes... What's the problem again with a woman wearing bathing suits? Why does it need to be censored?

VariantAEC63d ago

Because: "- 데이원 패치를 통해 검열 이슈가 된 의상이 있다. 의도한 사항인가?

김형태 대표: 데이원 패치 이후가 최종 결과물이다. 최종적으로 유저들에게 전달하기 위해 조절한 결과물이 데이원 패치, 혹은 그 직전에 들어가 있다. 의상도 무조건 야하다고 좋은 것은 아니라고 생각하기도 하고 퀄리티를 위해 수정한 부분이다. 그로 인해 에로티시즘이 덜어지거나 강조되는 부분도 있다. 의도된 결과로 보여주고 싶은 최종 프로덕트이다." - Game About

En: - There is a costume that has become a censorship issue through the Day One patch. Is it intended?

CEO Kim Hyung-tae: After the Day One patch, the final result is. The result meant to be delivered to users is included in the Dayone patch. I think that it's not good to be sexy unconditionally, and it's a revised part for quality. As a result, eroticism is also reduced or emphasized. It is the final product that I want to show with the intended result.

This is the intended design, not censorship. This is part of Korean culture and you all say you respect the artists but that only stretches as far as your erections can take it, which isn't very far... obviously.