Stellar Blade’s New Game+ Mode Is One Of The Best I’ve Seen

Stellar Blade is not a short game, but once you finish, you may want to head right back in given how good the New Game+ mode is.

blackblades34d ago

The problem with NG+ in general is that most time they arent worth doing. Nothing is really added but new difficulty. This games seems to do it right for replayability which is needed these day in games. You dont have to make a game longer story wise and dlc. Do what these guys did.

Hugodastrevas34d ago

Also the amount of cosmetics included is insane, nowadays it would all be paid stuff.

blackblades34d ago

The only other game like/close to this that i can think of would be isomniac games with Spiderman, RnC and most likely Wolverine with the outfits. There's probably a few others

Hugodastrevas34d ago

@blackblades yeah, and the suits are so imaginative, we can really see a lot of care went into their design.


Stellar Blade Dev Teases More Suits & Content Updates, Discusses Sequel Plans

Stellar Blade developer Shift Up has teased more suits and future content updates, and has also discussed plans for a sequel.

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thesoftware73012d ago

This game reminds me of when my daughter used to play the Bratz dress-up game on the Gamecube.

VersusDMC12d ago

Pretty sure in the bratzs game you also finish off a boss by cutting off it's arms and impaling it to a wall. Both games are well know for their violence. 🙃🤣

thesoftware73012d ago

People seem more excited about the cute dress-up outfits rather than the actual game.

CrimsonWing6912d ago


So, games with alternate costumes like fighting games, games like Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, hell let’s say the Souls-like games when you’re choosing cool looking sh*t for builds and crap ton of other games that do this are like the Bratz game?

Like, why in the f*ck do people get all douchey when a game is about titillation. You play Halo or anything? Do you like “dressing up” Chief? I guarantee you this wouldn’t be a response for Street Fighter 6 season pass costumes. I enjoyed running through RE4 Remake with different costumes, not once did I think it’s “dress-up.”

I know you thought you were being clever with the snarky comment, but instead you just sh*t the bed with it. Devil May Cry must also be like Bratz with the alternate outfits… Geezus, sometimes I just can’t with the comment diarrhea some people spray on this site.

Elda12d ago

Absolutely no comparison.

thesoftware73012d ago

They both have a lot of cute outfits with which to dress up your avatar.

DarXyde12d ago

I'm guessing because it's another game that you wanna play, but your pride won't let you...?

thesoftware73012d ago

So?...err, I mean No!

Nah, my backlog is too big at the moment, and the demo was just ok for me.

I won't get it anytime soon unless my daughter wants to play a dress-up video game again. It would be kind of strange as she is 28 years old, lol.

Hypertension14012d ago (Edited 12d ago )

You backlog doesn't seem to be an issue when Xbox release a game.

Tust me, this game is amazing. It's better than anything Xbox has put out this generation.

The demo is barely scratching the surface.

thesoftware73012d ago


No, but I think that sounds awesome because the Bratzs sucked, so dismembering them in a game may have been fun.

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Stellar Blade Tops Circana April Charts

The latest US sales data is out, and while hardware may be down for the big 3, software is ruling the day, including Stellar Blade topping the charts

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helicoptergirl14d ago

Must be weird for Xbox fans to see Sea Of Thieves at number 4 on the NPD charts

ravens5213d ago

The "best selling" game!?!? Lol. The narratives, I swear.

PhillyDonJawn12d ago

No it's more funny than weird. Cause ps fans swore SoT was bad and didn't interest them at all 😂

helicoptergirl12d ago

Everyone knows a game can change in 6 years. The beta testers on xbox one are apparently laughing so you tell me. Well the definitive edition players look to be enjoying themselves. Thanks for your service

PhillyDonJawn12d ago

"A game can change in 6 years" 😂 no game ever.

CrimsonWing6913d ago

Well, would you look at that Sony! Guess there’s an audience after all for this stuff.

JEECE13d ago

I wonder where the change from "NPD" to "Circana" ranks on the chart of lamest rebrands? And yes I know it changed awhile ago it just annoys me every time I see it.

anast13d ago

People like this game, despite the big puritan push against it.

Hugodastrevas12d ago

Stellar Blade deserves it, it's just a gorgeous well-optomized working right out of the box game. Would plat all over again.

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