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Cultured Vultures: Ahead of the launch of GTA 6, we put together everything you need to know about Grand Theft Auto: the biggest entertainment property in the world minus the one with Sudowoodo in it.

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Ex-Rockstar Dev Finally Explains Why Small Planes Randomly Crashed in GTA San Andreas

Former Rockstar Games Technical Director Obbe Vermeij has finally revealed why some planes would randomly crash in GTA: San Andreas.

Profchaos69d ago

This fly by feature was on the cutting room floor due to the random plane crashes and it's one of those things I'm so thankful made it into the final version as these random fly by and crashes make the world seem more alive on the extremely limited PS2 hardware you needed everything you could possibly get in a open world to convey that feeling.

And accross hundreds of hours of gameplay I probably died around 3 times as a result of these fly by failures but I loved every time it happened

isarai69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

It made the world feel more human, and honestly kinda insane that even today with all these open world games, almost no one can capture that like R* even when compared to their ps2 games

Skuletor68d ago

Lol, I remember those. I vaguely remember dying from one crashing into my car once too.


I Played GTA San Andreas Nearly 20 Years Later. It Didn’t Go Well.

GL Staff writer Shaz takes you through his frustrating experience playing through one of Rockstar’s most coveted titles, GTA San Andreas.

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shinoff2183115d ago

I read about half the article. Dude get over it. At the time of release it was epic as fk. Still my fav gta. Sorry it didn't hold your hand more and the story wasn't up to your 2023 2024 standard. I thought the story was fun. Nothing much else to say just like the article.

andy85115d ago

Platinumed it a few months and loved it. Still as good as when I played it 20 years ago. I'm sure people with these opinions aren't fans

Knightofelemia115d ago

If you can't find the PS2 port it also did appear on the original Xbox. When the game came out back then it was a big release. But I mean playing the game on an ipad to me that's not fully enjoying the game. Too small of a screen for my liking I'd rather play the game on a bigger screen.

GoodGuy09115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

I got the remaster on sale on Steam only to be greeted by the rockstar launcher and forgot my username and password linked to my steam. Then one thing after another with emails and accounts, I had to have proof etc that my Steam account was legitimate...I just quit after that and refunded the game. Looks like I'll just get it on console at some point. Good lord...

V is the only GTA game I've ever beaten which is sad lol. F**k rockstar and their DRM crap.

CDbiggen115d ago

This happened to me and my Ubisoft account. Extra launchers are just not worth the hassle.

franwex115d ago

Played on iPad?? Why not just play on PS2, or Xbox versions? Shouldn’t a game journalist have access to the best selling console ever made, and one of the biggest releases on that console?

If it’s too much trouble there’s emulation solutions.

shinoff2183115d ago

I just went through a closet in the house. Had a nes, snes, genesis, n64, 3 ps1s, 5 ps2s, 360. I don't know why I have 5 ps2s.