The Best Metroidvania You Never Played Gets Retail Edition

One of the best metroidvania titles of recent years now has an official retail release for both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5.

shinoff218345d ago

Looks interesting. Metroidvania and physical. I'm in

evil6eric9945d ago

It has a mediocre player review on Steam, sitting at "Mixed" with 67% out of 173 players leaving positive reviews...not bad but definitely not "The Best Metroidvania You Never Played".


Demoniaca: Everlasting Night Physical Edition Revealed

Demoniaca: Everlasting Night is set to get a physical release on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5, including an 'Elite' edition.

shinoff2183394d ago

It says once again xbox seems to be left off. Well that's because Microsoft ridiculously high minimum print runs. Switch and ps I've seen as low as 1000. Where I've heard ms is more toward 50k unless it's changed. I don't see ms going that much lower. It also proves that ms is definitely doing everything it can to push digital and rid physical media. Not cool and as a gamer and a game collector it's disgusting.


Buying Broken - Has the Games Industry Lost it's Way?

The games industry is broken, they say. The swarm of remakes and ruthless monetisation has tainted it. Dig a little deeper, perhaps?


Demoniaca: Everlasting Night Review | TheSixthAxis

TSA writes: Two things confused me the most within the first five minutes of playing Demoniaca. The first: why in the blue hells would anyone thinks it’s a good idea

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