Rumor: Rockstar ready to release next GTA by end of 09

According to Loose Talk in the latest Game Informer, RockStar North is already working on the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, which should be ready for release this holiday season.

mrdxpr25528d ago

doubt they would do that to early this generation is not easy to realease that fast cosoles are more complicated .. and if they do i really wouldnt expect much from it since that fast means the same crap as GTA4 ...And some of us know that GTA4 was a disapointment

TheColbertinator5528d ago

I didn't like GTA4 because I thought it was boring.However it did have good graphics and a good physics engine as well

5528d ago
Cwalat5528d ago

I doubt they will release 5 that soon.

Probably they'll milk the franchise as earlier times with numerous expansions.

GTA 4: FO HUNG Chinatown
GTA 4: MILKY Texas
GTA 4: Europe

and then, after about 3-6 years... they will release GTA5.. On PS4 or 720.

jammy_705528d ago

hope its more like san andreas, also im predicting april 2010 :)

gaffyh5528d ago

Wouldn't they just be talking about GTA Chinatown wars?

Danja5528d ago

I say 2010 is when the next GTA game will be released...

Bill5528d ago

Guaranteed Sony exclusive

AAACE55528d ago

If you look back, once they had the foundation for GTA 3 in place, they came out with a new game every year. I don't think they will release GTA 5 yet, but rather an expansion in the vein of Vice city or San Andreas. This holiday would make it a 1 1/2 year gap. Which means they have had enough time to make a new game and add in stuff.

Keep in mind that all GTA games are pretty much the same from their original, with new stuff added to them. GTA 4 is the base, and they will just add on top of that!

Serjikal_Strike5528d ago

Its too soon to have a new GTA....R* needs to hang on to it a little longer and listen to what us players had hated about GTA4,so they dont make the same mistake again!

ChampIDC5528d ago

I love how the one guy says only on PS3 and gets agrees, but the guy that says guaranteed Sony exclusive gets disagrees.

On topic, I don't think a GTA5 will be around this soon, unless it's just an expansion like the endlessly delayed 360 DLC.

Harryhit45528d ago

If anything it's probably LA Noire.

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TheColbertinator5528d ago

That is unlikely since they are still working on the DLC.However they already have a next gen engine,Euphoria,so it will take less time to make a new GTA game.Lets see what happens

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Kleptic5528d ago

^^...who let you back in the house?...


Since i won't be buying anymore of there games anyways....What you bots need to remember is that lots of ps3 owners don't give 2 craps about Multiplat games ...We love our exclusive

look at cwalat geting angry fellas....Its to bad he is agreeing with himself..he's calling someone a gook ....I laugh at your retardnes

Queers of War5528d ago

ps3 held back gta4? this says otherwise b*tch


f*ckin owned

GiantEnemyLobster5528d ago

I actually do think its likely. Remember that the download pack 1 (the lost and damned) was originally planned for August '08. The reason why it was delayed was only for financial reasons by Take2. I'm sure the lost and damned has been finished for a while now and they've been working on the DLC 2 for quite some time now. Even so they've definately already started on the next full GTA game.

Remember the reason IV took 4 years to make is because they created a whole new engine for it (RAGE, Euphoria (or whatever its called)). They have the structure for all new GTA games for this gen down now, all they really need to do is be able to make a new map and missions, which doesn't nearly take as long as making a new engine.

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Johnny Cullen5528d ago

I sincerly doubt it.

Grand Theft Auto IV is still selling quite reasonbly plus R* are still to release Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned next month and Grand Theft Auto IV: Episode Two by the end of the year so no, GTA V aint gonna be out by the end of 09.

Plus, T2 have said that there wont be a GTA V till 2010 at least.


Coffin875528d ago

exactly. this rumor is major BS.

but there are still two unannounced R* projects in the works... maybe we can expect some announcement soon ...

Joey Greco RULES5528d ago

That could be fun. Or maybe London. World Editions of the game could be a sh*tload of fun.

I agree with most of you, I dont think a new game will be released in 09. GTA4 is selling okay for now, and the DLC will only help increase sales(if its any good).

twoface5528d ago

That would be Grand Camel Auto, a whole new franchise

Joey Greco RULES5528d ago

I haven't laughed that hard in a while my friend.Thankyou.

Kleptic5528d ago

wouldn't it be Grand Theft Camel though?...

poeo5527d ago

yeah guys, because arabs do not have cars or even oil to make gasoline..

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The gaming GOD5528d ago (Edited 5528d ago )

2009 is VERY Unlikely.

Considering how long it took them to do GTA 4, I can't see the next installment coming this year.

The only way I can see that as being even remotely possible is if it's one of those side story games