Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II – Check Out the Minimum PC System Requirements

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, the much awaited sequel to the award-winning Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, arrives on May 21st. With under three weeks left until the launch, the developers from Ninja Theory have shared the game's

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PrinceOfAnger82d ago

Waiting to see what the "Recommended" spec be like!

Skuletor82d ago

Waiting to see if "Minimum" spec targets 30fps 😂

PassNextquestion82d ago

It's my understanding that the frame rate is unlocked on the pc version

Skuletor82d ago

I've seen Ubisoft have PC specs that have targeted 30fps before.

PassNextquestion82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

Why the heck do you need Windows 11 to run the game? I remember there was a ssd feature locked to windows 11 not sure if that's still the case and if that's the reason.. direct storage I believe it is called

DivineHand12582d ago

If those are the minimum specs on PC then why can't the series x do more than 30 fps? Did they intentionally lock it to 30 fps when higher frame rates are possible?

PassNextquestion82d ago

Maybe they didn't want to compromise on the graphics

DarXyde82d ago

Very probable, but I can't really believe that when literally, the Series S ensures that they do.

I kind of think they just want to make it 30fps now to make an update later to keep people "on the hook" or give game pass subs something to look forward to with this game later on.

Personally, I think this game can push at least 45fps, but that's just my opinion. I don't really see a game this short being announced before TLOU2 launched, only to come out *now* and they haven't gotten those frames up.

RedDeadLB81d ago

Probably because they wanted better fidelity and that is probably too demanding for the XSX to push a stable 60fps on. Judging how most games are these days, the performance difference between low to high is sometimes not enough to target double the framerate. A locked, smooth 30fps i better than an unstable 60, even though it feels like picking between two turds.


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RavenWolfx272d ago

The Dead Space Remake gets added to GamePass 10/26, definitely worth playing through.