Review of flOw on the PlayStation 3

Kotaku has posted a review of fl0w for Playstation 3.

"fl0w is a soothing and visually stunning downloadable game for the Playstation 3.

The most noticeable difference with the game is that you control it with the Sixaxis' tilt controls. And I don't mean like steering your amoeba like a car. No, to play the game you sort of hold the controller flat and then tilt it in the direction you want the organism to move. So to move forward you tilt the controller away from you, to move sideways you tilt the controller on its side."

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Violater4260d ago

I'm yet to be convinced, depending on how much it costs.

The great 14260d ago

This is good news they are actually delivering on there online service, may i add much faster than Xbox live ever did, so don't be suprised at how fast Sony can play catch up.


are you bonkers?
By this stage we already had geometry wars.....

Schmeltz4259d ago

Geometry Wars was out on luanch day and looks much better, I dont see how this looks impressive.

TheSadTruth4260d ago

so they ruined a perfectly good game by making us use stupid gimmick controls.. no thanks..

techie4260d ago

Uh no. From a lot of people talking about the sixaxis it feels eird at first, but once you get used to it, it becomes natural and more responsive. Both from this reiviewer and a guy at 1up who played motorstorm - who said that the analogue sticks just couldn't cut it. I think once you get used it, it may well be a nice addition and something you don't have to think about.

Arkham4260d ago (Edited 4260d ago )

<sark>Wow, you got an advance version to test? Good for you!

What, you haven't played it yet? Then..wha...why would you comment on the controls? So confusing. </sark>

Save your review until after you've played it. You're just making yourself look bad.

TheSadTruth4259d ago

oh no, I might look bad on an internet website that you both post on 100 times a day..

OutpostCommand4259d ago

In the words of Ocelot,

I dont understand-
the controls are said to be excellent. I wouldnt call them "stupid and gimmicky" if they say the controls are brilliant.

techie4259d ago

huh? I don't post on tis 100 times a day. I never said you'd look stupid. Just that the evidence was against you for this game - and in general.

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MikeGdaGod4260d ago

this is the one game, out now, that i would use the tilt control for. i just hope it doesn't disconnect right in the middle of something important

PS360WII4260d ago

They've been talking this game up for awhile nice to hear a review for it in a possitive light

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