I’ll Never Beat Baldur's Gate 3 Honour Mode

I'll stick with Tactician for now.

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jambola53d ago

If anyone is interested, I will never beat X-COM on the hardest difficulty
For a list of games I will never complete on a specific difficulty
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Michiel198952d ago

I can't really remember if I tried xcom 1 on the hardest difficulty but I gave xcom 2 on the hardest difficulty and ironman plenty of shots and it just seemed impossible. I don't often give up, but that game beat me.

anast52d ago

No real examples on why honor mode was too difficult. What I mean by this is there was no mention of the builds and gear he/she was using or classes and races.

Nittdarko52d ago

I mean I understand, after 14 attempts (non cheese) me and 2 friends finally beat it, It's really not for your everyday party adventurers

Don't get me wrong, a casual player could easily google (BG3 cheese builds) and Moon druid or Tavern brawler their way to victory with some ease, but going in playing it blind or telling yourself not to break the game and play normally is never going to end well at all.

Funny as well because Divinity Original Sin 2's honor mode was a fraction of the difficulty of BG3.

Popsicle52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

I won’t either. I am a dirty save scummer who definitely lacks honor on my dice rolls and checks. Not turning TAV into a squid just because I wanted a few parasites burrowed into his brain. Lol


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anast16d ago

That's not good. The Deck is struggling.

blanka454516d ago

Too demanding of a game that is only one game no problem. fsr 3 mod will be there

anast16d ago

There are a lot of games that are like this.