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Xbox Console Sales Are Tanking

No wonder Microsoft is exploring bringing its games to PlayStation 5

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Community78d ago
Lightning7778d ago

Play Xbox games here play them there. It's what they've been conditioning ppl for years now.

There own fault but I doubt they really care at this point.

Cacabunga78d ago

I will never support the idea of not owning my own games.. NEVER

Couldn’t be happier that HW sales are bombing..

Reaper22_78d ago

Dude, just because you buy a game doesn't mean you own it. That's not how software works.

JackBNimble78d ago

I don't think xbox problems have anything to do with subscription services anymore and everything to do with putting their exclusives on the other console.
At one time I was considering buying an xbox as my second console, but after learning their exclusives are slowly going to ps5 why would I ever pay MS for their console?

darthv7278d ago

@Jack... you can still get one for all the games that aren't coming to other consoles. And you don't have to pay MS... just get one 2nd hand. Nothing wrong with that.

blacktiger77d ago

wrong, owning physical means you own the game and console. If the Internet shutdown you still get to play, anyway you like. So yes It's yours. Online multiplayer that requires Playstation does n ot include physical or digital copy.

shinoff218377d ago (Edited 77d ago )

What's HW?

Reaper22 that's exactly what it means. Atleast physically.

Nifty little site that kinda just gives you a heads up if such and such game is worth buying because it's all on disc. Despite the rumors. Most are.

JackBNimble77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

Black tiger
You can play any digital game offline just like physical as long as there isn't an online requirement...
So you're feeding a bunch of bs .
And if you paid for the license, then you can download that game as often as you need even after games have been delisted.

The only advantage physical has is the opportunity for reselling your games, or physical license which it actually is.

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crazyCoconuts78d ago

I'm sure they care but unless they're willing to take increasingly large losses, they're out of options.

GamerRN77d ago

I'm hoping the next Gen Xbox is a PC hybrid that is significantly more powerful that PS5 Pro, otherwise, it's game over for Xbox.

crazyCoconuts77d ago

I think it's likely going to be an Xbox branded PC, but if you think about it, that essentially means game over for Xbox as well

Rhythmattic77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

MS changed the narrative by being slapped with PS sales..
XBOX , is no longer a "Console".... Only the "Xbox Console"
A Gateway that need not a Xbox "Console" ..
Yes , PS Games are becoming available to Win users after a timed release....... But they never changed the definition of what a Playstation is.

Zeref78d ago

Let's see what happens when the new CoD goes into gamepass. And all the old ones.

crazyCoconuts78d ago

Gamepass is the other shoe that has yet to drop.
Do you think they'll put the upcoming COD on GamePass without raising prices by at least $4/month?
Old ones sure, but old ones get given away on PS+ and such all the time already - that's not where the $ is at.

CrashMania78d ago

Even on xbox consoles CoD still sells millions, it gets players regardless, so I'm not so sure about any big impact it'd have by being on gamepass. Unless it drives subs numbers up in the millions, that's a lot of revenue lost from the amount of people who'd just play the new CoD on gamepass instead as opposed to the millions that'd buy it anyway, you might say it'd get more players and spend more on MTs to make up for it, but players who want to play CoD would get it regardless of paying full price or grabbing it from gamepass.

I'd be shocked if there weren't at least a bit of movement numbers wise, but a lot of people thought the same about the hugely hyped Starfield.

Aloymetal78d ago

Ah...Yes....Gamepass, the EIGHT yr old service also known as ''the best deal in gaming''
that hasn't done s*** for the green brand in all these years....Ok;)

romulus2378d ago

Not much as it relates to console sales. Those people who are waiting for this most likely already own an xbox.

shinoff218377d ago

Idk I've seen alot alot of people drop cod lately. Sure the sales are high but I doubt it's enough to pull xbox back up.

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Zeref78d ago

Let's see what happens when they announce the new CoD goes into gamepass. And all the old ones.

shinoff218377d ago

Did you just post it again. We got your point. Even though not a good one. We seen. You even got some replies.

ChasterMies78d ago

“It's what they've been conditioning ppl for years now.”

They really haven’t. Almost a year ago, Phil brought up the specter of going third party in an interview with the Kinds Funny podcast. Definitely not heard and people are definitely not conditioned to see the Xbox logo on a PlayStation game.

Lightning7777d ago

"Almost a year ago, Phil brought up the specter of going third party in an interview with the Kinds Funny podcast."

Lmao no he didn't. He mentioned third party this year and bringing those games over to PS a few months ago. First time he's ever talked about PS.

Tablets, phones, TV, handhelds, that's what ppl are talking about when conditioning Xbox as platform for years. Starting in 2016 Quantum Break so that was 8 years of conditioning it's customers to play on every other device. How you manage to confuse yourself is beyond me, that or your trying to change history. It's ok that's what I'm here for.

WelkinCole77d ago

Oh they do care. Why they still support the xbox

DarXyde77d ago

Microsoft has always been notoriously bad at selling their consoles. The OG Xbox was too damn big and not enough exclusives, the Xbox 360 had exclusives but the hardware was likely to fail (especially in the early days—they of course properly addressed it with a redesign, but then the games stopped coming), the Xbox One took a step back with exclusives and was marketed as an all-in-one entertainment box, and the Series consoles are kind of a headache for developers so some games come late (or not at all) and you're going to be able to get those games elsewhere.

But this is Microsoft. Software is their bread and butter and to that, fair enough.

But they don't seem to understand how to move hardware at all. At this point, the best selling point would be telling people that all of their games are on other platforms, but you can only get the game pass experience on PC and Xbox.

In which case, that benefits Windows but not Xbox hardware.

They'll make a lot more money though and that's always been the big thing for them, so I guess it works out of they don't have to keep making hardware...?

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banger8878d ago

Turns out when you put ALL of your exclusives on another platform (PC), people don't have a reason to buy your f***ing console. MS should just go 3rd party.

SpacedDuck78d ago

PC that even on a 7 year old PC runs games better than PS5 or Series X.

The 30 fps machines.