‘Stellar Blade, but good’ is here, and it came out seven months ago

Stellar Blade might be the hot game right now, but we already got a better version of it more than half a year ago.

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VersusDMC56d ago

Stellar blade is currently higher than lies of p on metacritic with 40 more reviews. No shade on Lies of P but just pointing that out.

But i don't even know why compare them? Because both are souls type games?

Then you can just reuse this article all the time and say Elden Ring is "whatever new souls game" but good for every new souls game.

Stellar blade hate articles must be rolling with clicks...

Tacoboto56d ago

Everyone in here now is clicking and commenting on this post.

Whoever the "community" is that approved it (Doubt it), contributors should report this article and any other from this low-quality click-bait website for being exactly what it is.

Remember that the reviewer loved the combat too. But because of the character and physics he wrote it off immediately.

Levii_9256d ago

Not that it even matters but both of those games are way better than their metacritic scores.

SubtilizZer56d ago

@VersusDMC “Stellar blade is currently higher than lies of p on metacritic with 40 more reviews“
This is actually misleading as Stellar Blade has only been reviewed on one platform. Both technically sit at 82… and Lies of P has about 30 more reviews right now.

VersusDMC56d ago

You are correct. Especially if you look at open critic. Just wanted to point out that Lies of P is not higher rated critically overall for the first paragraph and did some slight exaggeration not accounting for PC and Xbox reviews.

TwoPicklesGood56d ago

To be fair, Stellar Blade had a lot of hype and isn’t an indie game like Lies of P. So Lies 80% vs Stellars 82% only proves good good Lies was. That said, you all need to stop getting so upset over review scores. If you want the hame you’re going to get it, if you don’t you won’t and those supposedly claiming they are “on the fence” will wait for a sale regardless.

Crows9056d ago

Not really. I view all games with the same eyes. Don't care if indie or not...a game is a game.

Aussiesummer56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

the only things that are pointing out are the nipples in stellar blade.

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CrimsonWing6956d ago

I mean… it’s like saying we have a better NieR with Devil May Cry. Yea, there’s some similarities, but Lies is really hardcore in the sense of emulating a FromSoft game almost perfectly, where Stellar has some Souls-like elements, but I’d say it’s closer to Sekiro than say a Dark Souls game. This almost feels click-baitey

Psychonaut8556d ago

What if, and hear me out, they’re both really good? Mind blowing, I know.

Christopher56d ago

Listen here you, that's not how this is supposed to work. You choose a side and you defend it. None of this little "what if there's more than one good game out there" nonsense.

Fishy Fingers56d ago

Bro that behaviour is whats paying N4G's bills.

Christopher56d ago

It helps. But, as an individual, I still have my own opinion. I do wish conflict didn't sell as well as it does.

jambola56d ago

No wonder n4g is the cesspool that it is
Uses to be good but you'd rather clickbait low quality crap
Straight from the horses mouth, you really don't give a shit

Christopher56d ago

I said the opposite, jambola. But I don't think you're really reading what I say, only what you want me to say.

jambola56d ago

"I do wish conflict didn't sell as well as it does."
you put this story here

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Barlos55d ago

Stop it. There's only room for one good game at a time and you know it. Any more than that will literally melt people's minds.

Crows9056d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Oh geez...this is why journos suck...they can't even see differences between games.

Stellar blade is nothing like lies of P. Didn't these guys give stellar a bad score? Geez they really hate it. Stop the hate! Lol

Friendlygamer56d ago

It's kinda bizarre what gaming journalism has become

Crows9056d ago

It's called gaming activisim