Stellar Blade Day One Update 1.002 Adds New Game+, Removes Offensive Graffiti

Shift Up has released Stellar Blade day one update 1.002 on PS5, and those who preloaded the game should be notified of this update.

cliveo3283d ago

Lol who is offended by it 1 percent of crying snowflakes of course..

blackblades83d ago

What did it mean? Considering I'm in my own world these days.

Christopher83d ago

Hard R is typically a reference to the N-word with the hard r at the end.

bloop82d ago

I've never heard this either, but the gist I'm getting is there's people now getting offended by a description of an offensive word. Bring on the giant meteor and end it all already.

Eonjay83d ago

Do you really not know this is about the n-word or are you saying that black people can't get offended because it upsets you?

blackblades83d ago

I'm black I didnt know what it was, didnt know what DEI was or baby ink whatever it is. As I said in my own lane I don't keep up with new shyt these days

jambola82d ago

I doubt it was even a black person who complained lol
it's usually people offended on other people's behalf, even if the "others don't care

preciousdeath83d ago

IGN/Kotaku "journalists" who posted articles within 20 minutes of each other. Manufactured controversy for clicks.

Christopher83d ago

I can't believe they're censoring this game on day 1. Games just aren't the same.

/s in case it's needed. I'm fine with them making these changes that they might not have known is culturally insensitive to some people in the big ole world. But that's just me.

VersusDMC83d ago

They are censoring something that is deemed offensive by Journalists quoting the offensive term verbatim. They are typing it intentionally in articles while in the game it's a wall texture saying Hard next to a unrelated 3d model sign that says R store. Is it offensive or not? Crazy town.

At least IGN just shows the term with a screenshot of the game. Because it's their "discovery" and to not show hypocrisy in their HUGE vitue signal.
Hard R is the not offensive way to describe an offensive term. Are they going to type "Ha$$ R" or not use the term now?

Christopher83d ago

Oh, hey, I agree with you that IGN and other journalists are dumb. Not disagreement there. But, I think for a game going out to millions of people across the world? It's not something they want associated with them. It's just horrific PR.

Tacoboto83d ago

Add to the horrific PR nightmare that this is the first major Korean-developed Sony-published title, if I'm not mistaken.

There aren't that many Korean developed titles in general. And the allowance of this only would drive a bigger fissure in east vs west especially after Final Fantasy XVI released featuring no black characters at all...

Not a good look for Sony regardless of how you personally feel about it or the people that talk about it.

VersusDMC83d ago

I'm not saying it shouldn't have been changed. It's an easy fix and looks like it was an easy fix.

But the word HARD being too close to the letter R being a horrific PR nightmare and a indication of a racist developer is beyond crazy.

Christopher83d ago

I only think they would be seen as an insensitive developer if they were informed of its implications and didn't remove it. I don't think it's a bad thing to not want to have an unintentional message in your game.

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TriniOutsider83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

It's all fake outrage journalists are looking for everything and anything to accuse the developers of sexualization of the female body and racism now. Yet, Hard R has nothing to do with race.

Some of these journalists seem to dislike Asian people and it's starting to show more and more now.

TwoPicklesGood83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

And what does “Hard R” mean then? Do you know the devs and their intentions? You can assume they meant “harder” but you know what they say about assuming? 😜

VersusDMC82d ago


Here is the term used for movies


Google deadpool hard r for several articles using the term in the title. Probably used when talking about whether the new blade movie when wondering if it's an "hard r" and not PG.

You're also assuming.

shinoff218382d ago

Ign was one of the platforms trashing Japanese made games back during the ps3 360 Era around the time Phil phish showed his true colors.

ChasterMies82d ago

Cultural differences. If they knew sooner they would have pulled it sooner.

jambola82d ago

Korean developed game, released worldwide
censored because of a few offended americans

Christopher82d ago

If only we could all aim to be insensitive to others.

BlackOni82d ago

It's really not censorship. It's a change based on an unintended consequence. There's really no indication that it was something they even realized could be interpreted or construed as something else. Assets sometimes get placed in weird ways they don't realize until after. It's that simple.

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Stevonidas83d ago

Pre-order cancelled. They were so close.... then they had to go and bend the knee.

Eonjay83d ago

If you can't enjoy the game without knowing there are racial slurs plastered on the walls, you might actually be the snowflake.

romulus2383d ago

There were no racial slurs plastered on the walls.

Tacoboto83d ago

"Hey why didn't you get that game? I heard it's got that hot Korean chick?"

"I was gonna, but then they removed a reference to the N word!"

TriniOutsider83d ago

There was no reference to the N-word.