Resident Evil 5 warnings scrawled across Europe

Strange warnings have begun to surface in cities across Europe. The warnings read "They are in Kijuju."

So far the warnings have been spotted in London, Rome, Barcelona, Berlin and Paris.

It looks like the countdown just got hotter.

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Cwalat5665d ago

haha yeah :P

nice marketing!

now..just put (you can get it march 13th, at your local gamestore)
so that ppl understand from it and don't think.. "oh these damn kids.. have nothing better to do than going around painting our cities"

lociefer5665d ago

k thts just awesome , i hope they do smthin similar with kz2

thereapersson5665d ago

It reminds me of what Nine Inch Nails did with Year Zero, leaving flash drives in public bathrooms with cryptic messages and recordings on them about their newest album. The whole "advertising" campaign behind that album was really creative, IMO.

Neurotoxin5665d ago

100% Agree with you, also the album was actually a better direction after the disappointment that was With Teeth.

Its good when creative people are in marketing, most of the generic crap you get today is completely rubbish and actually annoys me to watch or read it. lol

thereapersson5665d ago

I actually like With Teeth. Maybe it's because I'm not a hardcore NIN fan, but some of my favorite songs are on With Teeth. That said, Year Zer0 is a great CD, though the one track on it that they decided to overplay on the radio (Capital G) quickly became my least-favorite on the album.

Maybe it's because Trent had been out of the recording scene for so long in regards to making a full-length album that he was a bit rusty. Still, With Teeth is far from their worst effort IMO.

To each his own, I guess. Thanks for the agree, though!

Arsenic135665d ago

There are plain black posters with the white Kajuju scribbles in NYC. I saw 2 yesterday.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi5665d ago (Edited 5665d ago )

"Don't buy the xBox 360 Version!!!" ;-D

...I run out of Spray Paint to write more...Oooooops!!! ;)

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Resident Evil 5 - 15 Years of Being the Most Misunderstood Resident Evil

Resident Evil 5 launched 15 years ago today - and it continues to stand as a stepping stone from the good to the bad.

TheBrainZ134d ago

One of my favourites because of the co-op. Then Resi 6 arrived and the series nosedived further.

Knightofelemia134d ago

I enjoyed the game co-oping with a friend I know the game in solo the AI can be an idiot but RE5 is way better then RE6. I played RE6 with a friend if it wasn't cheap when I got I would have avoided RE6.

thesoftware730134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

5 was excellent, still play Mercs with my brother.
I would love a fully remastered RE:5, with some added, reworked content. The DLC for 5 was also excellent.

6 was awful.

CrimsonWing69134d ago

I never understood why the game was misunderstood. It was a fantastic game at launch and is still fun today to play. It’s as action packed as Resident Evil 4 was, yet that’s regarded a masterpiece 🤷‍♂️

chobit_A5HL3Y134d ago

it was "misunderstood" because they introduced co-op into the franchise at a time when people loved to have fake rage about co-op. like, you could play the game as a solo experience, but people chose to have their bandwagon rage because it was cool at the time lol

-Foxtrot134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

What the hell are you talking about? Fake Rage? Bandwagon? Come on.

You can play it solo but you are forced to carry around a shitty AI partner you have to micro manage. It wasn't as fun solo.

Co-op sucked all the horror, tension and suspense from the game because having a partner covering you was like a safety net. Enemy trying to sneak up on you? No sweat the AI will just automatically lock on, alert you while they shoot first telling you where they are basically.

It was the start of Capcoms fall with the Resident Evil series where it basically become an over the top generic action game which betrayed it's own survival horror roots. Least RE4 had a good blend of both but Capcom just went the wrong way with RE5, especially going off what they were going to do during the RE4.5 beta phase before co-op was added.

franwex134d ago

At least the game was a ton of fun tho. If the game was bad, the outrage would’ve been justified. They simply pivoted for a couple of games. At this point it’s bad because it’s called Resident evil 5? But if was called something else it would’ve been good? Please.

chobit_A5HL3Y133d ago

like i said: fake baby rage and bandwagon hate. res4 wasn't really that scary, either, and was already taking the series into more of an action-oriented direction at the time. 5 was a good game that people fake-hated because of co-op that you didn't even have to play lol hence the fake rage and bandwagon hate. i mean, it obviously did well enough for capcom to go ahead and make 6 the way they did, right? if 5 was so bad, they would have changed what 6 was during development. the difference is that 6 was actually just bad.

people "hate" 5 because res4 was so good, and 5 was just unfortunate enough to be its successor. like i said, 4 wasn't scary, either, and relied more on tension than horror, but it was already more of an action game. if you don't wanna like 5 because it's not scary or whatever- that's fine, but it wasn't meant to be strictly a horror game anymore at that point anyways. the gameplay was a lot faster-paced than 4, so saying that the ai helping you by potentially shooting someone that was sneaking up behind you is a moot point. there were more enemies that were more aggressive, along with newer threats.

5 isn't as good as 4, but it's not a bad game by any stretch.

RNTody109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

What? I always thought RE5 had fake controversy because it was set in South Africa and you shot a bunch of black zombies. I live in South Africa and thought the game was absolutely awesome, played the whole thing co-op with my brother.

@Foxtrot I think you're confusing the garbage Dead Space 3 with Resident Evil 5. Resident Evil 4 was already a hyper action game and had zero fear factor other than the grotesque appearance of some enemies.

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