PlayStation auto-play patent shows a feature to skip grindy sections of games

Sony is apparently experimenting with an AI tool that will play the game for you when you are grinding away. A PlayStation patent for “auto-play” mode would simulate your gameplay style in certain environments and apply them to skip that section completely. This technology would likely be built directly into the cloud-based PlayStation Network and be a new feature that subscribers would have access to.

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Christopher36d ago

Hah! Either will never happen or publishers will charge you to use this AI. This concept would only exacerbate the problem we already have with GaaS.

gold_drake36d ago

doesnt that concept already exist tho?

buy dlc to get a ahead in games? money, weapon and exp dlc come to mind but yeh. one more thing for them.to potentially charge for.

Christopher36d ago

Usually, for GaaS/Seasonal games, you'll have to perform actions to earn specific in-game currency to buy things for events. Then they sell the currency with real cash or a third-currency to then buy the in-game currency items (it's honestly truly bloated to hide that they're cheating you out of money). With this, they'll just give you items if you do something 50 times or the like and then charge you to have the game play it for you. It's better, right? No currency shenanigans, just play the game and we reward you! But, the truth is they'll inflate the amount of times you have to play through content just to get the same thing.

TallDarknWavy36d ago

I can't remember the name of the developer but they said that if you need fast travel or pay to win schemes in order to not play the game then your game sucks and I completely agree.

Cacabunga35d ago

A funny one i remember is RDR2 some players bought gold bars with real money to get the high bounty license in RDO and they could use it for nothing because they need to grind like morons to get the bounty wagon which is a must for catching more than one bounty.. people were complaining to R* it was hilarious

TheKingKratos35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

I don't get how anyone would use it ... I mean if i don't myself grind to get what i want in the game and simply skip all that and just keeps upgrading my level to the point of becoming a walking tank... What's the point of playing at all if i am not going to work for it and learn along the way ?!

Christopher35d ago

You are not like a very good portion of gamers who are influenced by FOMO (fear of missing out).

35d ago
jambola36d ago

Why not just remove the Grindy part?

I hope it's not an excuse to make them worse, but optional if you pay

mandf35d ago

The Grundy part is how they pad and fill out games. Reviewer would complain nothing to do or game to short

Eonjay36d ago

This IGN blogger mode will allow 'reviewers' to play games like rest of us.
I will never forget watching GamingBolts spoiler video for Horizon FW and realizing they never played it. Made me wonder if they play games at all.

Skuletor36d ago

As if most modern games don't hold your hand enough already.

jambola35d ago

Spiderman 2 reminding me how to swing 12 hours in

Christopher35d ago

I'm playing Kingdoms of Amalur again and the Fate mode reminder every time my fate bar is full is extremely annoying and takes up so much space on the screen.

Profchaos36d ago

Reminds me of those 24 hours races in gran Turismo 4 having your PlayStation play for you.

But realistically if you have to use any of these for Grundy games there's a bigger underlying problem of the game not respecting your time in the first place.

Grind for game length is a real problem in my view

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