Fallout 76 veterans agree that this addition was a game-changer

Fallout 76 has seen many changes over the years but the veterans agree there is one addition that was a real game-changer.

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mastershredder28d ago

Missing a lootable item was part of the game. Random and chance helped make Fallout so much fun and interesting. This just makes it lazy and disconnected to the simulated events. An interesting feature, but Where are all these veterans that agree so hard?

gigoran827d ago

I'm a fallout veteran since the release of the original, and I don't agree.


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Shane Kim3d ago

I have an advice. Go outside more.

OtterX3d ago

You wouldn't say that if you lived in a fallout shelter! ;P

Fonsecap2d ago

Save your time and play something else...


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