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The PS5 Has Shipped An Estimated 5x More Units Than The Xbox Series X/S In The Last Quarter

When the PS5 and the Xbox Series X/S first launched all the way back in 2020, console sales were not what either platform manufacturer wanted them to be. The pandemic slowed things down more than ever before, even though in the case of each next-gen console, all the units that were manufactured, sold.

Of course that didn’t last, and soon manufacturing limitations on the consoles were a thing of the past, and sales started to leap forward. For one next-gen console platform, at least.

-Foxtrot9d ago

I can see why Microsoft is putting their games on PlayStation with these numbers

Imagine how many copies of future games like Elder Scrolls VI, Blade, Indiana Jones and more they could sell if they went fully multiplatform.

OtterX8d ago

If they don't, it would be the death of them.

Cacabunga8d ago

Can we then stop calling this a console war? Sony rolling over xbox trillions with a few cross gen games.. what would it be when a new uncharted, horizon or tsushima 2 comes out.. even worse, with GTA6 no one would buy an xbox to play it..

purple1018d ago

while I see your point, i'm one of those people that dont really want to see a M$ logo, when I boot up, however good the game is, unless truly exceptional, I've got enough games from Sony and enough coming down the pipeline, plus the 2 free smaller games on ps+, why do I need to give Microsoft anymore money,

I usually play just GT7 and cod, you've got Gran Theft Auto coming, its over for microsoft, they shot themselves in the foot, and now have to hobble away, to the losers corner, sit there, and repent.,!!! hahaha

bloop8d ago

That's crazy man. Just because you prefer blondes doesn't mean you should turn down a brunette.

GamerRN8d ago

Yeah and that's the fanboy problem right there in a nutshell

Profchaos7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Does it matter they are basically third party at this point if your a Nintendo fan do you turn a game off because it was developed by Sega.

Also so many games are using Azure backend and display it in on their fine print so you'll not play any game using that to

OtterX8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

@Purple101 At this point, Microsoft just wants to be the American Tencent, but also just happen to have a console available for those who want it.

I hate what they're doing to the industry, but I would play the next Elder Scrolls on PS5 or PS6 even if I had to look at a MS logo at the beginning. At this point, I'm just invested in the series. I didn't feel this way about Starfield, which is why I've skipped it. Worst case scenario, I'd pick Elder Scrolls up on PC if it didn't come to PS, but I've stayed true to my word - I have not, and will not buy another Microsoft console after 3 red ringed 360s. They've killed my console support for life. They showed how scummy they can be by knowingly rushing out a product before it was ready, just to try and capture a 1 year headstart.

If a MS logo shows up at the beginning of the next Elder Scrolls on a Playstation console, so what? That means Sony won and MS is just another publisher. Many of the large publishers are quite dirty, so it fits them well. I wouldn't mind seeing their console die off though and them solely take up this publisher role.

Jingsing8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Yeah, I never bought another Xbox console after the 360. But at the same time you shouldn't find yourself captive to Elder Scrolls if the company behind it is very scummy. I dropped COD after Ghosts and I don't regret it the company has only become worse and I'm glad I never was part of funding that.

OtterX8d ago

@Jingsing oh yea for sure. If I sense that Elder Scroll 6 is a shell of its former self w a trashy microtransaction setup, I'll probably skip it. I'll wait for previews and reviews but I sure am hoping for the best. I still play Skyrim to this day in VR.

purple1018d ago

I mean yeh, if they do produce something good, i've got a laptop, +HDMI cable to the telly, link a bluetooth dual sense (that I already own), and hey presto, I don't need an xbox,

but I can't see that happening, ps5pro will the the best way to play, with best graphics and sound, for me.

gold_drake8d ago

yeh same, surprised it took them so long.

jznrpg8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Personally I did not care for the Indiana Jones trailer. The combat looks too much like a Doom/Dishonored game to me. I think it could have been so much more. Which is too bad as I grew up with the movies and Raiders of the Lost Ark is still one of my favorites from when I was a kid.

If they can bring Elder Scrolls back towards Morrowind I would love it. If it’s like Skyrim it will be pretty decent but not great. Blade has potential. Hopefully it’s nothing like Redfall. I don’t really trust MS to make good games and rather not give them my money as they are bad for gaming. I’ll buy some games used, maybe but that’s about it

Profchaos7d ago

If the Jez rumour is true Microsoft has placed no red line around any first party game going to PS.

Although Jez has been acting like a spoilt brat not getting his way lately seems he's grown disenfranchised with Microsoft and is kind of lost given its most of his identity so I don't trust everything he says atm.

But basically if we see a halo game come to PS I'd call that a death kneel to the brand

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Barlos8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

A surprise to nobody.

S2Killinit8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

5X is a surprise as it’s just unreal.

fr0sty8d ago

Yeah, this console war just became a console genocide.

Jingsing8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Sony would probably be selling more if they stopped sending mixed signals about their future. Putting games on PC because you are taking data analytic advice from Microsoft about the future of consoles is folly and has limited their potential sales. Microsoft want Sony and the world to believe that consoles are done as a business so companies like Sony and Nintendo etc can end up serving Microsoft's platform. Remember when it comes to Microsoft "It is us or no one and the three E's" Don't fall for it.

S2Killinit8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

MS has forced everyone’s hand in regard to PC. If the other two dont release on PC, they will be giving them an edge. Imo

Although i think Sony/PlayStation would be wise to release selectively on PC.

Jingsing8d ago

The way Sony are doing it though is very suspect, It almost seems like they are trying to tunnel their way out of Steam with a PSN back-end. They should have just launched their own store. Yes this would no doubt upset PC users but you just can't have everything on Steam as that means no market competition. Microsoft and Sony should only use their own stores. That way they can also enforce their subscription fee's (I don't think there should be fee's) like they do on console as right now they are saying people on console have to pay this fee but if you play on PC you don't. That is very anti-consumer.

Skuletor8d ago

While putting their games on PC would lose them some console sales, there's a large market of people that prefer consoles for their simplicity and convenience, I wonder if it would really effect them negatively. Well, I guess at this current point they won't be dragging PC players into a PS Plus subscription, so there's that.

crazyCoconuts8d ago

I think after Xbox is gone they'll make a bigger push to move PC gamers over to PS, and they may halt momentum on the PC ports to do that. PC and Nintendo gamers will be the only ones left to convert

Einhander19728d ago (Edited 8d ago )


This is a reply to this comment.

"The way Sony are doing it though is very suspect, It almost seems like they are trying to tunnel their way out of Steam with a PSN back-end"

That's not accurate, what they want is simply to be able to count PC users as PlayStation users. It's no different than what EA Ubisoft or Microsoft are doing. Heck, people need to sign up for extra accounts even on consoles to play some of their games, you can't play Sea of Thieves or Minecraft without a Microsoft account.

I'm not sure why PlayStation is being singled out like this, I get why it was a problem in Helldivers because they added it after the game was released which caused problems for people who already owned the game, but at the same time it was nothing that all the other major publishers weren't already doing.

ChasterMies8d ago

“Putting games on PC because you are taking data analytic advice from Microsoft ”

Sony is putting games on PC because the market for people who spend $2000 on a gaming PC is different from the market that spends $500 on a gaming console. Also consider that consoles are sold at a loss. Sony probably makes more from selling Sony published gamed to PC owners than selling consoles to PC owners who would only use them play those games.

shinoff21838d ago

I dont think consoles are sold at a loss outside of the first couple years.

InUrFoxHole8d ago

Hold your breath if you think they're gonna stop bringing games to pc

BehindTheRows8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Selling more? They just had one of the biggest periods for a console EVER (20.8m). That’s not exactly something for them to scoff at. They’d just break more records by selling more, but it’s not a necessity.

Their balance of selling what they’re selling while making plenty of money is how you successfully run a console business.