Buy Gears 2, Get Xbox Live Free

If you haven't picked up Gears 2 just yet, here's something to sweeten the deal. From now until the end of Saturday, January 17, those gamers who purchase a copy of Gears of War 2 from Amazon will also snag a 3 month Xbox LIVE Gold Subscription free of charge. For all the details, check out Amazon's Gears 2 page.

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3sq4538d ago

What's the point? Gears of War 2 online aspect is broken anyway.

Saint Sony4538d ago

Nice try though. Almost managed to trick us all.

3sq4538d ago

But if you have more than one online game then you most already have got the xbox live subscription. Then what's the point of getting one more? to use it next year? Do you see my point?

Lifendz4538d ago

waiting upwards of five minutes for a match to get going is insane.

[email protected] getting only 3 months of Live with the game. Meanwhile I can play any game I want on PS3 and I didn't pay one cent to for online fees. Almost feel sorry for 360 owners still paying to play online.

uckitsayitchbay4538d ago

Soundsto me like M$ is trying to boost sales of gears 1.5 because of KZ2 coming out then they can hold press conf. saying things like. We "SHIPPED" !-) more copys of gears in the same amount of time