Stellar Blade Uncensored Release Confirmed In The Middle East

Stellar Blade is an up-and-coming ARPG developed by Shift Up and arriving on the PlayStation 5. However, there is some buzz surrounding the Uncensored Release of the game.

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FPSRUSSIA94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

Good to hear that Middle East gets The same version as us.

Hugodastrevas92d ago

Stunning and brave, now let's look at what version they got of Spider-Man 2

CrimsonWing6992d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Progress! How crazy is it that this game is changing up the system? It’s cool to see sh*t like this. I feel this is going to help things be more balanced. I’m not saying every game needs to have titillation and sexy designs, but I am saying not every f*cking game has to tip the scale in favor of appealing to only the woke side. Either way, it’s great to see regions and the industry ease up on things.

FPS_D3TH91d ago

I think it’s pretty funny that Middle East will ban most pro LGBT related content that is supported by people who are being overtly critical about this games main protagonist design, but will allow the uncensored version of this game. Curious if we’ll see journalists in an uproar over this as well.


Does PlayStation’s Success Set Unrealistic Expectations For Some Exclusives?

Shift Up's recent release, Stellar Blade, proves that not all PlayStation exclusives need huge sales figures to be successful.

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Eonjay27d ago

That impossible to say without knowing each companies individual expectations. For example Arrowhead clearly had a set expectation for Helldivers 2 but the results were far beyond their expectations. Another exclusive for KT (Rise of the Ronin) became their best seller of all time. Was this their expectations? Who knows but I doubt it.

Stellar Blade did very well for a new IP that happened to be exclusive. Did i expect it to do this well? Not sure but what's more important is Shift Up's expectations.

jznrpg27d ago

Every game is different. I definitely recommend Stellar Blade.


Report: Stellar Blade Roadmap Leaks, Mentions Photo Mode for August, DLC and Sequel

It seems the Stellar Blade roadmap has been leaked via an internal presentation. It mentions Photo Mode coming in August and more.

Hugodastrevas28d ago

Great, the more Stellar Blade the better!


PS5 Fan Favourite Stellar Blade Sold Over 1 Million Copies, Dev Estimates

Stellar Blade studio Shift Up has shared it estimates the PS5 exclusive has now sold more than one million units since its release in late April. The game has consistently ranked high in sales charts across the UK, USA, and Japan after the launch, which has resulted in today's milestone. In a press briefing, CFO Ahn Jae-woo said:

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Abnor_Mal30d ago

Cool, I still need to pick this game up at some point.

Kurisu29d ago

Same here, enjoyed the demo but just haven't got around to buying the game yet.

Abnor_Mal29d ago

You’re better than me, I downloaded the demo but never got around to playing.

neutralgamer199230d ago

Sony has found a wealth of these outside studios who have all made awesome games wile they are going through a drought 1st party wise

MrNinosan29d ago

Like they've done since 1993. Nothing new.
Sony Microsoft, Valve, Epic all rely on third party games.

Einhander197229d ago

This is very very true.

People don't realize (or purposely forget) that many of the games they think of when they think PlayStation were 2'nd party games published by PlayStation. Insomniac only recently became a PlayStation 1'st party for example, as well as early Naughty Dog games ect.

2'nd and 3'rd party games have always been the backbone of every single console generation.

Aphrodia29d ago

What's new is that this is the longest drought of 1st party >quality< banger games.

neutralgamer199229d ago

Yes they all rely on 3rd party deals the difference is sony does it to give mies time to their 1st party studios. MS did it once during 360 and that was their most successful generation.


Onpy during 360/ps3 exclusive battle became mainstream. That's these companies went out of their way to mention the word exclusive

29d ago