6 Potential Settings We’d Love to See for Fallout 5

GB: "We'd love for the next Fallout game to let us explore the post-nuclear remains of any of these five locations."

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thorstein37d ago

Toronto or Montreal. You have the lake or the river and you get to play with winter in the wasteland.

seanpitt2336d ago

You make out it's coming soon.. this game is easy 5 plus years away

-Foxtrot36d ago

Would have been nice to see if Canada had their own version of Vault Tech before they were annexed

Vaults were commissioned in 2054 while the process of Canada being took over by the US started in 2059, so there was a good 5 years without any issues to see if Canada as its own nation would try to copy Vault Tech but even then they weren't fully annexed until 2072 so anything could have happened in the background

It would be cool to see rivals for Vault Tech in the world especially from Canada, the UK and Europe.

Their own different kind of vaults, their own variation of the Vault Boy mascot, own style, different brand of food, different computer terminals and locks which mean completely different minigames, their own rival versions of Robco resulting in different robots etc. Least it keeps things fresh and there's a lore reason why things are different rather than just saying "yeah this region of the US has different hacking / lockpicking, just because"

LordoftheCritics36d ago

Any university.

Just copy paste it.

OtterX36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I think Japan would be a great departure from what we've had before, and makes sense with what happened in Hiroshima & Nagasaki. It would be interesting to explore an alternate history, imagining what Japanese technology had evolved into in a retro post-apocalyptic world vs what Japanese tech actually looks like today in the real world.

Yi-Long36d ago

Yeah, I'd love that, or any modern Asian city for that matter. Hong Kong could be amazing as well. Just let the disaster' hit in modern times or 10 years into the future, and then set the game 25-30 years orso from now ...

MrBaskerville36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

A bit early to get excited. Haven't even seen any gameplay of TES and we are talking Fallout 5. Which probably releases around 2032 or something.

But would like to see one a bit further into the future where they might have gotten further on rebuilding the world. Still a Wasteland, but citites are more populated and living areas are less filled with ancient junk and skeletons. They cleaned up and moved forth. But maybe Cities are isolated because of the dangers and lawlessness of the wasteland between the populated areas.

Kinda like taking Fallout 2 and go further into the future.

anast36d ago

Choices similar to New Vegas but better, better physics, current graphics, and solid combat. It can be in any location if they include this.


Fallout 5 -10 Ways It Should Improve on Fallout 4

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-Foxtrot22d ago

They really need to get rid of weapon mods and bring back more unique weapons that are hard to get / find

anast22d ago

They won't improve it other than a slight graphical upgrade. They have always been better at live action than making games.

MocBistro21d ago

Only way it could improve is taking it away from Bethesda and regroup Classic Fallout (1&2) devs with decent budget and time to make it.

21d ago

Fallout 5 Might Be Here Sooner Than We Thought at Microsoft's Behest

Following the success of the TV show, Microsoft is reportedly in talks to fast-track Fallout 5 with the help of a studio other than Bethesda.

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MrBaskerville28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

If they start now, we can have it as early as in 2031!

redknight8028d ago

Heck yeah, we can have a teaser trailer in 2031!? I am so excited already!!

Hedstrom28d ago

Yea, the teaser 2031 for the trailer 2035 is going to be awesome!

DOMination-28d ago

haha was about to say the same thing.

All these articles about a new Fallout are pointless right now. A game of that scope will likely be 1 year pre-production and 4 years development MINIMUM and that's if they start on it tomorrow. Lets talk about it again in four years time when it's officially announced, not when they're still working out who may develop the bloody thing.

Kaii28d ago

Yeah, allow the studio that hasn't slam dunked any games In recent memory to "fast track" the next Fallout game.

jeromeface28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Good, microsoft should look at their IP's with value and protect them from devs like bethesda after disasters like Starfield. Everyone would lose their minds if obsidian was able to make another fallout even though the new vegas team is long gone. .

Hereandthere28d ago

Lol, still port begging for hell divers 2.

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raWfodog28d ago

I’m going to get back into Fallout 4 since I haven’t finished it yet. The recent update will likely give me more of an incentive to get to it sooner rather than later.