5 Reasons Why Stellar Blade Could Be the Next Essential Exclusive

Still on the fence? Here are five compelling reasons why Stellar Blade might just become your next must-play release.

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TwoPicklesGood32d ago

Love the demo so if the full game matches it and the length is good, I'm in.

Cacabunga31d ago

Day one buy.. good games deserve support!!

gold_drake32d ago

i mean, the hype around it is gigantic atm.

VersusDMC32d ago

Loved the demo and just waiting on a 80+ metacritic or some good trusted reviews to pre order.

HankHill31d ago

What happens if it's a 79? 🐑

VersusDMC31d ago

I check the reviews to see if the complaints are dealbreakers for me to buy it day one.

Am i supposed to pre order it no questions asked? It's the first big console game for the developer so i am playing it safe.

Cacabunga31d ago

Loved the demo but waiting for demos.. please stop this planet i want to get off

VersusDMC31d ago

If you want to preorder right after playing a demo go ahead. For some games I would rather wait for reviews to come out regarding technical and other issues that might be present in the full game.

Abnor_Mal32d ago

I haven’t been really following this game and it’s demo, is it really this hype worthy? Honest question.

phoenixwing32d ago

Play the demo it'll be better than asking random internet users

Aphrodia32d ago

Some gamers have put over 100 hours into the demo. The developer has playfully told them to not over do it on the demo and save some love for the full game.

Bathyj31d ago

Good advice.
I spent more hours on the metal gear solid 2 demo than I did the game. Devil May cry too.

Elda32d ago

If you like hack n slash games like Bayonetta, Nier Automata or Devil May Cry you just may like Stellar Blade. If you have a PS5 try the demo.

Abnor_Mal32d ago

That’s the thing, I’ve never played Bayonetta, Nier Automata, and the only Devil May Cry was the DMC one.

Barlos31d ago

I thought it was visually very nice but I didn't particularly enjoy it. I'll be in a minority here but for all its action I just didn't find it very fun to play.

It's definitely worth a buy I reckon, but for me it's not a day one essential. I'll wait for a price drop.

shinoff218331d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Same boat. Demo was pretty cool but not the type of game I usually will buy day one. Way to many jrpgs I'd rather pick up this month. Hell I still gotta grab relink

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Nacho_Z32d ago

I think it'll fall short of essential but that's a very high bar. It'll be a big success.

Barlos31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Hopefully it succeeds. I'm in the minority it seems but I didn't particularly like the demo. Something felt off about it, and I just didn't find it very fun. I think I'd give it a try during a sale, but for me it's not what I'd call essential

remixx11631d ago

Glad you wanna see it win despite not being the biggest fan

Barlos31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

@remixx116 of course. I don't want to see any game fail, whether I'm a fan or not.